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Improving SEO Results

Posted by: 
Clint Macklin, Sales Manager

Learn the "best practices" for improving organic SEO results.

The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to improve your web site’s organic listing for a specific set of targeted keywords. Each search engine has a ranking system of algorithms, methods of determining relevancy, and how often it will index pages. Unfortunately this information is not made public but there is what we call "best Practices" to use. These give your webpage a better shot at being recognized by the search engines and have them find it relevant and credible for those keywords or search terms. There are many “best practices” to use and we’ll cover the single most important, content.

Best Practices

SEO Content is the single most important need for search engine optimization. Search engines rely on the content of a web page to assess pertinent and credibility to a specific search. The more strategically and unfailing a phrase is used within the content of a web page, the more pertinent and credible the search engines may consider that page to be for that phrase. We call this keyword density but there is a point where too much of this will raise a red flag in the search engines eyes and hurt your credibility.

Writing content that is made for search engines requires a lot of work. You must make sure it isn’t copied and pasted and format it in a way that it is easy to read and understand for any consumer that comes to your website. We suggest writing at no higher than a 10th grade level. Also, having your content copy written just for your website is a great idea if budget allows. With that being said when we are working with a client we need them to be devoted to the content and review it and give their input. After all, this website is a reflection of you.

Keeping up

After developing and writing all the content to get your webpage up and live, there is an ongoing maintenance that needs to be performed to keep your content up to date and fresh. This way when the search engines come around and index your site it will always see fresh new content. Search engines love to see that and they will index your pages more frequently. One way of doing this is by adding new pages every month such as a Frequently Asked Questions page, but the easiest way to add pages and keep fresh content is a blog. Blogging is so simple. You can write about a patients or clients that came through your door and were so ecstatic with the way you treated them, you can put testimonials in your blog (also have a testimonials page), you can develop links within your blog to direct the consumers to specific pages that you would like them to read about. For example, if you are blogging about your team, you can have a link to the “about us” page so they can get more information.

Again, there a several “best practices” to use and keeping your content current and fresh is just one of them. If you would like to discuss your content or other ways to enhance your search engine optimization please contact us!

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