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Internet marketing, online marketing or website marketing is a term that has a very broad meaning. It relates to a lot of strategies, planning, building and managing a website. Basically it’s the concept of marketing your products or services on the Internet. The objective of Internet marketing is to get you more traffic, visitors and leads. 

At Neon Rain we put together your Internet marketing strategies that help you target your demographic and get people to your website and ultimately gets people to email you or pick up the phone and call you. These strategies can include:

Internet Marketing Strategy

If you are not sure if one or more of these strategies is best for you, that’s ok. At Neon Rain we understand the search engines and will develop a marketing strategy that we target you audience, get more traffic to your site and do it while keeping your budget in mind. Neon Rain understands having a well-rounded online marketing effort that includes some of or all of these strategies gives you the best chance to succeed in to today’s highly competitive Internet market place. 

What we employ as part of our Internet Marketing Strategy:

Keyword Analysis and Keyword Discovery

Keyword analysis is the process of analyzing what keywords bring qualified visitors to your site and what other high-yield keywords or phrases can we utilize that have large amounts of traffic but minimal competition. Keyword research is an art and it can make or break your online campaign.

Google AdWords & Yahoo! Search Marketing Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Paying for keywords provides an immediate way to drive qualified traffic to your web site. You can utilize pay per click campaigns for short-term strategies for seasonal business or product launches. You can also use pay per click for long-term strategies when you need more visibility before your organic or natural rankings rise.

Geographically Localized Search

Have a geographically specific retail location(s)? Over 70% of consumers go online to research their products, make sure customers in your area find your store or business.

Product Feed Management

Selling a product? Make sure it can be found through, Shopzilla, Froogle, NexTag, Merchant Circle and many more sites. Automatically feed products and services to shopping engines and allow technology to help you sell.

Brand Reputation Management

Expertly positioned papers distributed as syndicated content through multiple web sites for reputation management while establishing inbound links. In addition, we can setup monitors to keep tabs on what people on the Internet are saying about your company, product, or services.

Meta Tag Development and Implementation

There are some tactics that have been around for a while that do not have the same value to search engines as they used to. But that doesn't mean you should neglect the obvious. Make it easy for search engines to find you and read what you are about.

Landing Page Development

A good landing page will provide a customized page to the visitor. Based on their interest, search, and many other factors, properly designed landing pages increase conversions and sales.

Lead Bait and Link Bait Development

Sometimes, you have to give to get. We can help you figure out what type of webinars, whitepapers, or audio training you can provide to potential clients to solidify your position as an authority in your industry with quality services and products.

Multivariate and A/B testing

Test out your ideas without breaking what works, and then track which idea is better. Sometimes the smallest change will lead to a conversion. Track it, test it, and work your way to increased sales.

Web Analytics and Reporting

We use Google Analytics to track web site visitors, time on site, goal funnels, and objective definitions. What good is traffic if you aren't tracking ROI right?

Email Marketing

Stay in touch with your existing client base as well as interested parties. Use viral marketing to create new clients by keeping existing clients within reach and having them evangelize your business to their circles of influence. Schedule your blasts to match peak times of the day.


Online real estate and content creation is key. Create a blog and post valuable information to increase your real estate ownership of the Internet and all the while give Google and Yahoo! additional pages to index.

Search Engine Submission

We make sure that your sites are submitted to the proper search engines and have systems to alert the search engines when you have updated your web site - automatically. With these strategies and systems, we can help you stay on top of time sensitive content and get indexed very quickly.

Linking Strategy Development and Implementation

You want other sites to link to yours, but all sites are not created equal. We can create a strategy customized to your business and needs. We can utilize traditional methods as well as cutting edge Social Media strategies.

Social Media Optimization

Are you using LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or any of the other major Social Media networks? Target your specific demographic with groups or ads and use the multiplicative effect of Social Media to gain exposure. Click to read more about Social Media Optimization for your business.

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