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Do you have a great website that nobody visits? Website optimization, also described as search engine optimization (SEO), helps your website to show up when people are looking for businesses like yours. That way, when people want or need your services or products, they will find you, driving traffic, customers, and revenue to your website and your business. Local SEO lets us target consumers in your area who are more likely to convert for some services and products, and social media marketing allows you to engage prospective, past, or current clients online to generate repeat business. Best of all, we show you how well your marketing is working with web analytics.

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Website Optimization Can Increase the Traffic to Your Website

If your online marketing efforts have fizzled out because your website never seems to get any visitors, website optimization is what you need. Website optimization, or SEO, can dramatically improve the amount of traffic headed to your website by helping you show up higher in search engine results. When looking for a product or service through search engines, they rarely get past the first three results, let alone the first page of results.

We will make sure your website is properly coded to run quickly and efficiently, which the search engines value. We will also ensure your website design has a logical organization both for visitors and for search engines. Through quality original content, we will ensure your website is resilient against new algorithm updates, which increasingly focus on quality. We also use ethical link building campaigns, supported by social media marketing, that bring relevant links from authoritative sites so you not only move up in your ranking, but you won’t be targeted for “link spam” penalties, which can hurt your positioning for a long time.

Website Optimization Can Bring Quality Traffic

Website optimization doesn’t bring in just anyone looking for information. It can be used to target specific demographics by highlighting the questions those demographics tend to have about your business, and the language they use to ask those questions.

If your customers are more likely to take advantage of your product or service if they are in the area, local optimization can be used to ensure that you will be found by those customers preferentially, not by people from another state who are unlikely to buy what you have to sell.

On-page optimization


On-page optimization refers to factors that have an effect on your website in organic search results that ARE controlled by you.  Examples of on-page optimization include but are not limited to the HTML, meta tags, keyword placement, H1 tags, alt attributes, site speed, and navigation architecture.


Off-page optimization


Off-page optimization refers to factors that have an effect on your website in organic search results that are NOT controlled by you.  Examples of off-page optimization include but are not limited to the number and authority of websites linking back to you, social media mentions, and link landscape.


SEO Audit


The best place to start with Search Engine Optimization is with an audit. Audits allow you to see on-page and off-page liabilities that may be keeping your website from ranking as well as it should.  There are many factors covered in an audit and various types of audits such as technical audits and link audits. 

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Working with Neon Rain has been one of the best choices I have made. I tried to grow my business by doing paid advertising but just wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I went with Neon Rain to do SEO for me and the results are fantastic. Their knowledge and expertise in SEO is the best. They know their stuff and are very transparent in letting me know where my money goes allowing me to calculate my return on investment. They are very responsive to my questions and are very prompt to provide support and help with my website.
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