Our 7 Points of Culture

  1. Ownership and Commitment (We do what we say we’ll do)
  2. Excellence in deed and thought (We will treat others as we want to be treated)
  3. Teamwork and Growth (We believe in personal and technical education)
  4. Life Balance (We believe that we need to excel professionally and personally)
  5. Consistent Delivery and Communication (We will continually work towards improvement)
  6. Gratitude (We are thankful)
  7. Abundance (We create things that create value in turn)

We believe that our work is part of something bigger and greater than the work itself.  We are helping people and companies build and grow businesses.  This means that they can employ more people and add value to their communities.  We know that many of our clients are large corporations with big budgets while others are as small as a guy sitting in his basement funding the project with a credit card and a dream.  Heck, we have clients funding their projects using their retirement accounts.  Can you imagine the responsibility put on us to make their project succeed? 

We take that responsibility very seriously and abide by these seven points of culture to guide our path.

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