Maintenance and Care Plan


Your Drupal website may seem easy to manage and that’s because the backend is is built on complex software that gives you tools such as a content management system.

Complex software requires updates from time to time. Some updates are minor and some are major. Threats and exploits are hopefully reported with enough time to create a patch before hackers find your website, but it doesn’t help if that patch is not applied in time.

Did you know?

  • Check Tens of thousands of websites are hacked every single day
  • Check Google blacklists more than 3.5 million websites
  • Check Google blacklisted websites can lose 95% of their organic traffic until the site is clean and reviewed by Google.
  • Check A website can be hacked and redirect visitors to another website without the website owner even knowing anything is wrong
  • Check Even if someone has no malicious hacking experience, he or she could find all the tools they need on free hacker forums
  • Check An infected site could be down for days and cost thousands of dollars to repair (even more if you are in the medical industry or have an eCommerce website).