How Much Should It Cost To Build Your Website?

Have you ever found yourself asking:

“How much will it cost to build a website?” OR “Did I pay too much for my website?”

If you have – trust us when we say, you’re not alone. And these are great questions to ask, but how do you know if you’re truly getting a good deal fair price? It’s not like you can just plug in your figures and get a value estimate like you can with Kelley Blue Book for your car.



The average cost to build a website can vastly differ for many reasons, including site content, technical capabilities, features, integrations, and much more. And just because a business similar to yours may have gotten a “great deal” on their site doesn’t mean they got the best value for their money (or that they are even happy with the end result).

That’s why we created this quick survey to find out where you and your website stand on the website cost spectrum.

Did you pay too much? Did you pay too little? Are you right on target for your website costs?

Once you complete our quick 3 and a half minute survey – we’ll be able to show you exactly where you stand compared to everyone else who has completed our survey. This is, of course, completely anonymous and for comparison purposes only so no names or websites will be displayed within the results.

Did you get the best value for your website development project?
Find out today!