10 Reasons Why Content Marketing Will Boost Your Business

Benefits of Content Marketing

  1. It establishes your credibility.
    Providing useful content establishes you as a reliable voice, which makes consumers more likely to seek your services.
  2. It creates brand recognition.
    The more valuable content you can put your name on, the more familiar your audience becomes with your brand.
  3. It reaches customers who aren’t explicitly searching for your services.
    Content marketing is an excellent way to extend your reach to those who are just exploring a topic or service and who aren’t yet ready to spend money.
  4. It engages with customers in a meaningful way.
    Informative, relevant content is far more engaging to your audience than pithy advertisements.
  5. It establishes lasting relationships with your brand.
    And because your content is more engaging and published consistently, it’s more likely to be viewed over and over, keeping your brand relevant.
  6. It’s less annoying than traditional advertisements.
    Many consumers use ad blockers or otherwise stray away from traditional ads. Content marketing allows you to provide sources that your audience actually seeks out.
  7. It provides additional avenues for contact with your team.
    When you distribute content establishing yourself as an expert, it’s easier to convince audiences to contact you for further help.
  8. It helps you stay competitive.
    If you’re not using content marketing, you’re falling behind the growing percentage of competitors who do.
  9. It can save money.
    Depending on your strategy, content marketing can pose a cheaper alternative to more elaborate advertisements. This is especially true when you can utilize in-house experts and when you put out content that spreads organically because of its utility.
  10. It just works.
    There are several different forms content marketing can take to enhance consumer experience and their interaction with your brand.

Content Marketing Automation is another great tool to engage your website audience. Marketing automation is a software that automates responses and interactions with the users on your website to make for a better user experience. This includes software such as HubSpot, Marketo, and several more. It helps to generate new leads and increase ROI. To learn more about marketing automation, read more here.

For all these reasons, content marketing is a proven strategy to drive traffic to your website and to establish credibility and brand recognition. It bears reminding, though, that these efforts to gain traffic are in vain without an equally compelling web presence. To learn how our experts at Neon Rain Interactive can help you optimize your website for impact and usability, give us a call or send us a message to get the conversation going.