5 Places to Find Free Stock Photos

Free Stock Photos For Commercial Use

You’ve just finished a great piece for your website. The content is terrific, but what about the visual? Most of us are not equipped to take our own photographic content to meet all our needs. And let’s face it, tacky clipart drawings often aren’t the image we want to portray. Luckily, stock photography is becoming more readily available, and more and more of it is free!

Despite the lack of cost, you should read all the material associated with images you wish to use. There could be copyright or licensing requirements. That doesn’t make it prohibitive by any means; it simply means you may need to attribute the image to its original source.

Here are five free stock image sources we recommend for eye-catching attention.


Ryan McGuire of Bells Design considers his photography quirky. If that is what you’re looking for, Gratisography is the right place for you! His work is also copyright free, but those familiar with his work may be able to probably detect his imagery. There’s no doubt his unique style draws in the attention of the reader.


Pexels photographers provide powerful images of weather, landscape, architecture, and people through its free website. While images are copyright free, photography credits are “always appreciated.” Images are also allowed to be cropped and edited in any fashion determined by the user. Pexels offers an easy-to-use search engine with a multitude of images on most anything.


Nature, wildlife, and pet photography are some of the featured photos on Pixabay with more than 1.6 million royalty-free images in color or black and white. Pixabay is not limited to still photography, however, offering illustrations, vector graphics, and video shorts. Again, the nature theme is strong in its video content available.


Also free, and royalty-free, Reshot enjoys sharing the human experience through sports-related activities, the arts, food, and relaxation. They pride themselves on their uniqueness to enhance your creative projects.


Whether looking for the right modeling pose or the experience of true-life grit, Unsplash’s photographers capture those special moments to enhance your blog or website. Pets and wildlife photography are also strong points on this free stock photography site. Here too, you are allowed to use photographs license free, however, credit is most appreciated when possible.

No doubt the world of free stock photography is growing right alongside the use of websites and the internet. With an abundance of stock photography sites each with an endless supply of photographs from which to choose, no website design should lack for unique and wonderful imagery no matter what the subject matter.

When looking for help with stock images or designing a website, look no further than Neon Rain, an award-winning website design team. Contact us for help with your needs today!