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5 Tips for Increasing Audience Engagement

increasing website engagement

By improving public awareness and visibility, boosting conversion rates, and inspiring sales, your website is one of your most critical marketing tools. As such, your website's design should draw in customers and inspire user engagement. As professional website designers, we're providing you with a few tips to develop audience engagement to improve sales.

Study Your Audience

Any effective engagement plan will differ depending on your target market. If you already have an established online customer base, you can study your audience by reviewing customer behavior, offering surveys, or utilizing data analytics. If you don't have one of these options, you can analyze your target audience or gather information from any existing sales channels.

Define who your audience is, and discover their likely interests, personality types, or worldviews. Analyze their likely goals, needs, and concerns and use that information as a focal point to every detail of your website, from its design to its content.

Focus on Design

An effective website design and layout should be one of your top priorities. In a previous post, we talked about how user experience affects your bottom line, in which we mention that "unattractive websites are responsible for 38% of people disengaging from the site." However, an effective website design is both beautiful and functional. If your visitors can't easily access the information they're looking for, they're likely to move on to one with a better layout.

Creating an effective website design means ensuring easy navigation, content optimization, and cross-platform compatibility. It means optimizing website load times, which account for 39% of user disengagement. Effective designs pay close attention to all the little details that contribute to an amazing user experience.

Include Photos and Videos

If you haven't heard of, or aren't convinced of the power of storytelling, check out David Phillips talk on The Magical Science of Storytelling. It's an engaging video that effectively demonstrates the benefits of storytelling in terms of sales and marketing. The main function of photos and videos is to tell a story, and they can effectively accomplish this in less time than it takes users to read your content.

Photos and videos do not take the place of written content on your website, but it can significantly contribute to its success. In addition to influencing viewer emotion, and therefore opinion, photos and videos can make it easier to recall content than text alone.

Use Chatbots and Live Chat

Live chat is a personable, convenient, and modern method of customer service that customers can use from your website. Rather than having to call your customer service center, they can simply click on a box in the corner of the screen for immediate assistance. This availability of instant assistance can help build trust in your brand, increase audience engagement, and improve conversion rates.

The use of chatbots in conjunction with live chat will increase the chat's effectiveness while diminishing customer frustration. It can inform users of representative availability and help route them to the right person without the frustrating back-and-forth of "one second, while I connect you to someone else you'll have to tell the same story to." View our post on CRO tips and tricks for useful CRO tool and resources.

Include Contests, Quizzes, or Surveys

Introducing contents, quizzes, or surveys on your website is the perfect way to increase audience engagement while gaining feedback from your customers. They're fun tools that help trust in your brand while providing you with information about your audience that you can use to improve your business and your website.

Contests are the perfect way to build customer engagement and interest in your brand. Everyone loves free stuff! Contest prizes would directly relate to your products or services, so even if users do not make a purchase, the end result is an extremely efficient engagement and marketing strategy.

Create fun and interactive quizzes that directly relate your products or services. At the end of the quiz, the results let customers know which product or service is perfect for them and why.

During surveys, you could ask users for feedback and ask questions like, If you could change anything about Company X, what would it be? or What do you most like and dislike about Company X? 

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