5 Tips for Increasing Your Organic Reach on Search

Each year, the internet becomes a busier place as more groups and individuals launch new businesses. What hasn’t changed is that for these new businesses to survive, they need to rank high on Google’s organic search to be seen by users. While there are some paid things you can do to boost your ranking, it’s important to remember that both Google and the average consumer respond better to organic methods.

There are multiple ways to increase your organic reach on searches.

Design a Spectacular Website

The single most important piece of using organic methods for boosting your SEO is a spectacular website. The great thing about a website that appeals to Google’s web crawler is that customers will also love it. When Google is exploring your website, there are a few key things the Google web crawler looks for while deciding how to rank it, including:

  • If the website is easy to navigate
  • If it features a “mobile-responsive” design
  • If there’s duplicate content (which Google hates)
  • Does the domain name reflect the type of content posted on the site?
  • Does the website have text-based indexing the web crawlers can properly log?

Content is Always King

Content goes a long way in increasing your organic reach on search. Prior to Google developing the now famous Panda Algorithm in 2011, there were ways that you could tinker fill a website with low-quality content and even duplicate content and still land a respectable search engine ranking. Those days are gone. Today, if you want your website to be well ranked, you need to fill it with lots of high-quality content. This content does need to have some keywords sprinkled through it, but they should be used sparingly and should make semantic sense within the context of the content. While putting together good content takes more time than whipping up low-quality content, in the end, it’s worth it. Not only does Google reward you with a great search engine ranking, but the consumers that visit your website also respond favorably.

The best way to approach your content is to a develop an attitude that it will help you solidify your business’s brand image and establish you as an expert in your field.

Create a Content Strategy

To keep your organic search engine ranking high, you can’t let your website content grow stagnant. You must keep updating it, which is why so many businesses post an industry-specific blog. Not only does the blog provide you with a great way to increase your organic reach on search engines, but also provides members of your target market to keep returning to your site.

Creating the content is just one aspect of using content to organically increase your reach on search engines. You also have to promote the content. That’s where social media marketing comes into play. Posting the links to your newly created blog posts, not only helps boost your ranking, but also provides you with a surprisingly easy way to connect with members of your target market, and if they like what you’ve posted, they’ll share the content, extending your reach even further.

Your content strategy plan should include:

  • How frequently you update your content
  • Which social media platforms you share the content on
  • If you’re interested in guest blogging
  • How frequently you plan on recycling your content on social media platforms

Don’t Ignore Meta Descriptions

The one tip for organically improving your search engine reach that many business owners overlook is their meta descriptions. These are more important than you probably imagine. The meta description is the tiny block of text that appears under the title and URL for a web page when Google provides a list of search results. By exploring how to organically incorporate your target keywords into the meta description, Google not only boosts your business’s search engine ranking, but also bolds the text, increasing the odds of your link getting clicked.

Explore How to Attract High-Quality Links Google Loves

Internal links that lead from one of your website’s pages to another are good, they make your website easy to navigate, but you should also explore ways to attract outbound high-quality links, which inspires Google to give your website an even better organic ranking. This isn’t always easy, since posting links Google doesn’t feel are relevant will lower your ranking. The trick is finding links that are relevant to your industry but that don’t directly compete with your business. One of the best ways to post organic links is by inviting business owners who share a symbiotic relationship with you to guest post on your business’s blog.

Here at Neon Rain, we’re experts at creating and designing exactly the type of website Google loves. Contact us to learn how we’ll create a website that will help shoot you to the #1 position on Google search engine results.