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6 Tips For a Stellar E-Commerce Site

what makes a good ecommerce website

Between the lighting, layout, and flashy advertisements, nobody would deny that a store's design is a key driver of customer behavior. Your e-commerce website's design is absolutely no different. E-Commerce sites must find ways to convey their brand's aesthetic, establish trust, and close sales without the benefit of physical displays or salespeople, creating a unique set of design challenges. These five tips will help you overcome these difficulties to maximize the value of your online storefront.

6 Keys to E-Commerce Success

  1. Optimize your navigation. Nothing is more frustrating to a prospective buyer than a complicated maze of sub-menus obscuring their objective. Keep your navigation logical and streamlined to keep people from getting lost and giving up.
  2. Establish transparency. Trust is essential in the online ecosystem. Be upfront about contact information and store policies so that customers know who they're dealing with and what they can expect. Don't forget to remind them throughout the buying process, including on the check out page.
  3. Assume customers are on their phones. Shopping (and impulse-buying) from phones is increasingly common. Don't pare down for these customers—design with them in mind first, and then expand on that for desktop users. 
  4. Make it pop. Even if you have a more subdued brand aesthetic, your website should be impactful. This doesn't necessarily mean bold colors and wacky fonts, although it can. It can also mean surprising content, hints of humor, or unique images. Whatever your wow factor looks like, find it and cultivate it.
  5. Establish consistency. From homepage to checkout, your eCommerce website needs to tell one consistent story. Who are you selling to, and why should they buy from you specifically? What are your brand values, and how do they set you apart from your closest competitors? These questions should answer themselves in your design and content.
  6. Hire professionals. E-Commerce websites are extremely difficult to get right on your own. Neon Rain Interactive's experienced professionals will work with you to ensure that your entire shopping experience is optimized and on-brand.

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