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Why Your Website Photos Are Just As Important As Your Design

Website photos are an important part of your overall website content, and there are several reasons you should keep imagery at the top of your priority list while building a website. As technology continues to develop and proliferate the global internet, more people worldwide are using imagery to learn, remember and disseminate information. Using Images…

Custom Design vs. Off-the-shelf Template

A lot of websites these days are built using content management websites such as WordPress or Drupal. These websites save companies money because semi-technical personnel can upload content and manage some the most frequently modified areas of most websites. You can have a content management system and still utilize a template (pre-built layout) or a custom layout….

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization Tips & Tricks

When business owners discover their website is not generating the revenue they expected, many will think a new website design with increased visual appeal, easier navigation, and more consumer-friendly content will make the difference. While these types of website redesigns are critical to reducing friction points that can reduce website volume, they really don’t directly…

How User Experience Affects Your Bottom Line

Businesses agree that digital marketing is a powerful way to convert prospective customers, and is crucial to keeping past customers interested in new product lines. A digital platform with the potential to influence online users towards a purchase decision requires a strategic plan that takes advantage of rapidly changing technologies and enhances the user experience….