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How to Build a Content Marketing Roadmap

content marketing roadmap

Content Marketing Strategy Framework

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract and engage audiences with your brand. But simply trying content marketing isn't enough—without a specific, well-defined strategy, your efforts are likely to be unfocused and ineffective. Creating a content marketing roadmap is a simple way to organize your campaign to align with brand values and maximize results.

Defining Your Destination
Creating a content marketing roadmap begins with asking yourself simple questions about your goals. These questions give you your destination: the message you want to convey to a specific audience.

Who is my audience?
Content marketing is at its most effective when it is targeted to a small and specific target population. Determining one or two target personas of your ideal customer will allow you to tailor content to those most receptive to your message.

What problem do I solve for my audience?
The next step is to get inside your audience's head. What problems do they face? Why do these problems concern them? And most importantly, what does your company do to solve that problem?

What differentiates me from my competitors?
Finally, having isolated the problem your brand solves, you must differentiate your solution from others on the market. What makes you fundamentally different, and why would your target persona care?

Mapping a Route
With an established destination in mind, the goal is to figure out how to get there through strategic use of content. What specific mediums will your audience be receptive to? What topics interest them, and how often will they be receptive to messaging about these topics? Outline in detail what content you will produce on what timeline.

Hitting the Road
The final step is to reach your audience with this content. One of the key avenues for this is your website and blog. Combining relevant, targeted content with effective SEO attracts clicks to your website and establishes you as a leader in the field. To properly leverage your website, though, it must be attractive, responsive, and useful. Otherwise, your efforts to gain clicks will fail to actually convert customers.

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