How To Pick The Right Website Developer

How to Choose A Web Development Company

Choosing a developer for your new or redesigned website is a massive decision. Your website is a cornerstone of your branding, so it’s incredibly important to get it right. When considering who to entrust with this task, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind.

1. Know Your Needs
Before you can find the right web designer, you’ll first need to do some work internally to decide exactly what it is you’re looking for. Without knowing your budget, goals, and target audience, it’s impossible to assess a prospective company’s ability to match your expectations.

2. Get the Details
Once you’ve determined what you’re looking for and identified a few firms that might fit, it’s time to dig deeper. Start by exploring the company’s portfolio—there’s no better way to get an initial impression of the quality and style of their work. If you’re impressed, you can then use research and inquiries to determine the following key details:

  • How much will it cost? Ensuring that a company can work within your budget is an important practical consideration before moving forward with them.
  • Who is doing the work? It’s not uncommon for web designers to outsource some or all their work. Make sure you can learn about and speak with the actual experts designing your website.
  • What is the company’s approach? Before committing to a designer, you want to know their process, including how they adapt that process to meet your needs and timeframe.
  • Can you communicate easily with them? Communication is important. Make sure you consider how well your team communicates with their team.

3. Ask Lots of Questions
Ask the web development company questions until you’re satisfied that the designer can understand your needs, execute a customized design using a framework that makes sense for your company, and guide you through a plan for managing the site in the future.

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