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How User Experience Affects Your Bottom Line

Businesses agree that digital marketing is a powerful way to convert prospective customers, and is crucial to keeping past customers interested in new product lines. A digital platform with the potential to influence online users towards a purchase decision requires a strategic plan that takes advantage of rapidly changing technologies and enhances the user experience.

User Experience (UX) - website user experience is the combination of a number of measurable metrics that are known to influence the overall experience of visitors on a website. When websites have meaningful content, ease of navigation, fast loading speeds, and supports the brand in a visually appealing manner, the user experience is enhanced.

Underperforming websites without visual appeal, those that load slowly, or websites that are not easy to navigate can cause a significant decline in your online customer base. But, when a website is specifically designed to increase brand recognition, loads quickly, and facilitates ease of use, the result is an enhanced user experience where consumers can quickly access helpful content and enjoy efficient interactions from landing page to shopping cart.

The User Experience Impacts Revenue

What happens when online customers become frustrated using a business or service website? Statistics show a bad user experience will directly impact revenue by causing a decline in your online consumer base.

  • Time is money and every second counts for the online shopper. When images take too long to load, 39% of online users will leave the website.
  • Unattractive websites are responsible for 38% of people disengaging from the site. An unpleasant website can discourage users, even when a better product or competitive pricing is offered.
  • Difficulty navigating sites is a common online shopper frustration, as 86% of visitors prefer product/service information to be found on the company's homepage.
  • Slow loading websites have turned away many customers, especially when 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.

When you understand the challenges that website users face on your website, you can take the necessary steps to improve the user experience. Your e-commerce revenue is directly related to how well your website attracts the consumer and keeps them engaged throughout the customer journey. Consider just a few of the marketing metrics that a good website design will influence:

  • number of visits before purchase
  • number of conversions per click
  • bounce rate or users that navigate away from a site
  • number of page views
  • amount of time on page

Optimizing Websites for Enhanced User Experience

Neon Rain specializes in website development and design that engages customers and makes your website work for you. When you see decreased traffic on your website, we can reverse that trend by redesigning your website with a smarter user interface and revamping the website graphics and brand messaging. Next, we put Google Analytics to work, to precisely determine the strength of your website, and where improvements are still needed.

When a user lands on your website, they don't want to run into 404s or frozen screens. Website users care about the load speed, ease of navigation, and whether they get beneficial content to help them make a smart decision. Websites that support the user's online experience will gain the visitor's trust and increase your brand recognition.
Neon Rain develops e-commerce and service websites that will maximize the user experience and presents information in a visually appealing manner by providing a team of web design experts that understand your goals. Our approach is not a cookie-cutter method, but we implement specific e-commerce strategies to fit your target audience and have successfully improved marketing metrics for your industry sector.

Our front-to-back end website designs can increase revenue with the proper product showcases and product descriptions, an effective shopping cart design, a user-friendly checkout and a variety of payment options, clear contact information, and a site that is also mobile friendly. Contact Neon Rain to start transforming your business or e-commerce website to one that attracts customers and keeps them engaged with an effective user interface.

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