Marketing Automation: A Smoother Experience for You & Your Audience

The most effective digital marketing campaigns require some degree of personalization. Where mass email blasts can feel spammy and impersonal, targeted marketing campaigns offer relevant information and shows customers that you’re paying attention to them. Marketing automation promises an easier way to accomplish this sort of outreach: The technique automates the process of sending communications to selected customers such as those who have interacted with a certain campaign or those who meet certain demographics. Used strategically, marketing automation can create a smoother experience for both your audience and your marketing team. 

Strengthen Customer Interactions

The biggest risk of automated marketing is allowing it to feel too, well, automated. But when used as a chatbot, for instance, or to initiate contact with a customer service representative, automated marketing can have the opposite effect. By cultivating positive, personalized interactions, automation counter-intuitively fosters a feeling of personal attention that elevates your user experience.

Focus on Content Creation

Marketing automation simplifies content distribution which frees you up to focus on the all-important task of creating relevant content. The best lead generation strategies on the planet are useless if you can’t entice those leads with fresh, engaging content. Automation gives you a chance to target those leads with the kind of thought leadership that drives conversions.

Ensure Consistency Across Devices

One of the major challenges of modern digital marketing is reaching users on an increasingly diverse set of platforms. Responsive design is the first line of defense against this problem, but marketing automation can also be extremely helpful. Even the most seamlessly responsive website will likely have some gaps between the mobile and desktop designs, and marketing automation can be used to provide mobile-first promotions to fill those gaps. Marketing automation can also facilitate integration with mobile apps, which goes even further to standardize the user experience.

Need More Guidance?

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