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Teaching your kids about money

teach kids about money

Sometimes we need to reach outside of our industries and just do good for the sake of helping others.  Since having children, I've thought a lot about how I can teach them practical things and really help them be set for a stable future.  I've read a lot of books and gone through many courses to fill in holes that I have in my knowledge.

In September  I received an email stating that Ignite Denver was open for new "sparks.'  Sparks are just ideas or topics that you'd like to speak on. You prepare 20 slides and they auto-increment at 15 seconds each.  You are on stage in front of a few hundred people.  The thought of that made me a little nervous. That's when I knew I had to submit my spark. Doing things that scare me helps me train my mind to realize that other things that scare me or make me nervous are also obstacles I can overcome.

So, I submitted my idea and it was voted as the #1 choice based on a community of people.  That was it. I was in.  It turns out that this particular Ignite event was at the same time as Denver Startup Week. So, the room was packed with almost 500 people....many in the startup community.

My spark was titled, "Teach your kids about money so that they don't move back in when they are 30."  Essentially, I documented what we did with our kids and what ended up working.  It's always a learning process with new obstacles at every turn but hopefully, this is helpful to someone out there who is interested in teaching their kids about finances.

Here is the video of the Ignite Denver spark....let me know your thoughts at

YouTube video

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