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Website Conversion Tactics to Boost Your Leads

website conversion tactics

Website Conversion Optimization

Much of marketing focuses on getting eyes on your brand and your website. But on its own, web traffic isn't enough to sustain a business. Far more important than clicks is conversion rate, or the number of visitors who actually go through with a purchase, inquiry, or other desired action. If you're not focused on conversions, you're not using your website to its fullest potential.

Website Conversion Tactics & Tips

1. Perform Testing
Optimizing your conversion rate relies on an understanding not only of sales tactics but also your customer and what drives them. Rather than guessing, use A/B testing to compare conversion rates between multiple sales pitches or website features, or pay for user testing to get insights into how actual consumers use your website. You can also look to analytics for use across demographics, which can help you zero in on how different target groups respond to your website.

2. Go Back to the Marketing Basics
Much of what works in "real-world" sales work online, too. For instance, you can capitalize on the urgency of in-person sales through limited time promotions. You can even try a literal countdown clock to remind visitors of when your bonus or sale expires.

But (effective) gimmicks aside, it's important to keep in mind the factors that always drive sales and find ways to improve them on your website. For instance, have you established credibility? Have you addressed misgivings that prospective buyers might have about your service? And have you connected with customers on a personal level? These sorts of considerations are more important than flashy design, and while they may take work to develop, they foster trust, which engages your website audience and guides them closer towards a decision and therefore a conversion.

3. Provide Value
Finally, at the core of conversions is providing a legitimate value to your audience. If you can't convince buyers that you have a quality product at a reasonable price, you can't expect them to stick with you.

4. Make Your Website Work for You
Conversions can't happen without an engaging, accessible website. Neon Rain Interactive's web design experts can ensure that your brilliant content and thoughtful marketing don't lose out because of a less-than-usable website. To find out how our services can fit into your content marketing plan, give us a call or submit an inquiry so we can get started.

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