What is Responsive Website Design?

“Responsive” has been a growing web design buzzword for years now, and for good reason. Responsive design holds the potential to increase both traffic and engagement on your website, allowing you to capitalize on the continuing increases in mobile web traffic.  

What is Responsive Web Design?

A responsive website is simply one that changes on the device and browser window size used to access content. In practice, this involves practices like shifting layouts and changing font sizes as window size changes, and it might even include switching to a completely different layout for mobile users. This provides a number of benefits for end users, making it easier to read and navigate your website regardless of how it is accessed.

Why Go Responsive?

Mobile Friendly

The future (and present) of web engagement lies with mobile traffic. Ready or not, a large portion of your traffic will be, and is, coming from mobile devices rather than desktop clients. Presenting these users with a sleek, usable design is one of the best ways to gain trust and keep them shopping. On the flip side, nothing causes a mobile user to leave faster than an unreadable, unnavigable design. 

Enhances User Experience

Mobile users aside, it’s important to remember that everyone visiting your website is coming in with a different browser configuration. A responsive design accounts for this, ensuring that every visitor receives your intended user experience regardless of window or screen size.

Improves SEO

Search engine algorithms prioritize responsive websites using metrics like page load and time spent on page, both of which suffer when mobile users encounter an unresponsive mobile site. By designing your website on a responsive framework, you’ll receive a boost in the search engine rankings, which in turn drives additional conversions.

Neon Rain’s Responsive Designs

At Neon Rain, our expert developers make it a point to incorporate the principles of responsive web design into every project. To learn more about how our designs drive conversions, contact our team today.