Why Content is King, Even Over Design

Many factors dictate how effective your website is, but none is more important than content. This statement might seem counter-intuitive, especially coming from a website design agency, but it’s the truth: without compelling, relevant, and well-optimized content, nobody will see your website, beautiful though it may be. 

Content encompasses all of the informative or entertaining media on your website, whether it’s in the form of text, videos, or imagery. And because of the way that search engines (and customers) evaluate websites, it’s critical that you invest heavily in content creation.

Why is Content King?


Search engine optimization is one of the most important reasons to prioritize your content over other elements of your website. The only way for a search engine’s algorithm to “read” the content that you provide it. For the best visibility, your content should be unique, credible, and relevant. Otherwise, the search algorithms will pass right by and you’ll miss out on valuable traffic.

Engage Users

One of the best ways to convert is to engage visitors, and content is one of the best—and only—ways to do that for a first-time visitor. Good content helps users understand the unique value that your brand presents, making them more likely to spend money with you. And remember that engagement doesn’t just come from flashy visuals or design tricks. In most cases, it comes instead from speaking to the genuine needs of your audience and providing value.

Establish Credibility

Along the same lines, content is one of the only ways that you can establish credibility for your website and business. A bare-bones website does little to build confidence in your expertise, nor does one with sloppy, inaccurate content. Instead, build a content base that reads well and reflects your leadership in the industry.

Neon Rain’s Website Development Solutions

At Neon Rain Interactive, we understand how the different elements of your website play together to establish a brand. We can help you develop an attractive, responsive website that leaves room for your content to shine. To learn more, get in touch with us today.