Custom Business Management Systems & Software

Workflow Management Software for Complex Service Based Businesses

Do you currently rely on manual processes to keep your business in operation? Reduce inefficiency and wasteful paperwork by customizing how your data is managed. Business management systems synthesize interdepartmental collaboration in real-time. Custom operation automation systems aren’t just for enterprise-level companies. Small businesses integrating disparate systems into one set of customized software streamlines how your company utilizes data while eliminating unnecessary processes and paperwork.

Today’s business management systems are more than project management they make your business more profitable while reducing your stress and workload. They allow you to leverage technology to grow instead of increasing manpower. The management systems that we build truly help service-based companies since these systems allow for increased efficiency and throughput from your existing team. Our business management software offers many benefits for diverse businesses and industries. Neon Rain’s mission is to help businesses of all sizes discover better ways of doing the things they are currently doing. Our systems will improve your workflows and processes.

Benefits of Custom Business Management Systems

  • Check Increased Efficiency
  • Check Increased Quality Control
  • Check Maximize Operations
  • Check Reduce Risk
  • Check Centralize Information
  • Check Streamline Redundant Processes
  • Check Metrics Tracking and Reporting
  • Check Automated KPI Tracking
  • Check Combine Software Systems
  • Check Automates Processes
  • Check Single View of the Entire Process
  • Check Transparency
  • Check Reduction of Human Error
  • Check Automated Error Checking
  • Check Automated Red Flag Notification

Multiple previous companies we have built custom software for have found great benefit in our automated management systems. Through our custom business software systems, one admin team can now easily and efficiently pull up an interactive calendar for their service-based business instead of tracking all information on paper documents. Another company found that they didn’t have to fit their unique business needs within the off-the-shelf management system. They discovered that through our customized systems they can manage their events, staff, and details through one cohesive, efficient system. For additional case studies and examples of impactful software systems, that have been built by Neon Rain – click here.

Our Process

Phase 1 – Brainstorming & Discovery

Neon Rain brainstorms with you to design custom business software that is both integrated and scalable. We start the process by determining all roles that will need to interact with the new system. From an admin position or accounting manager to the shipping and production team, one system can handle all moving parts.

Phase 2 – Defining Overall System Goal

After we have figured out the roles needed we walk through the overall goal and objective of the system and how each part will play an integral role in the overall success. We will ensure that our knowledge is expansive enough in your industry to incorporate our software expertise and with that information, we will re-engineer your business needs into an enhanced, improved process.

Phase 3 – Design & Development

During the design and development phase, we will program the customized application according to the requirements and design that we agreed upon during the previous two phases. During this phase, you will see your custom application take shape, and you will be able to provide feedback to our development team.

Phase 4 – Completion & Approval

Since you will have access to review our work throughout the process, we will just need final approval and testing from your team. From there we can make any adjustments needed to ensure that the entire management system is working as needed to meet your requirements.

Whether you have 10 or 55 employees, we can help you design (or redesign) everything from your website to developing an automated system that not only maximizes operational value but also your return on investment.