Quality Assurance (QA/Testing) and Client Support

If you’re tired of the corporate grind or the freelance roller coaster ride and actually enjoy working where you have some say in what happens, keep reading. Our environment is fun, fast-paced, and hard-working.

Pushing the limits of technology is part of the average work day. That means we expect our team members to push the envelope on their own skills as well. If you aren’t growing, if you’re planting roots into your chair as the light from your screen transforms you into a mushroom. . .well, who would want that?!

It may be strange, but we really do care about our team. Life is important, and we want you to have one! We care about our clients as well and need to balance fruitfulness for us and them. Don’t just take our word for it. . .We have been ranked as one of the Top Web Development Firms in Denver by the Denver Business Journal for the past 10 years in a row.

Job Description

This position is part quality assurance and part communication and support. You would be testing work submitted by internal developers but also helping a project manager with client communication and support.

  • Quality Assurance (Primary role)
  • Replication of client issues and communication with those clients (Primary role)
  • Assist in requirements gathering (Secondary role)
  • Creating/updating QA related systems and processes (Secondary role)

Here is what that looks like

Part 1:

We have a great internal project tracking system (Storm) that we custom developed specifically for our needs. It helps keep everything organized and efficient.
As one of the developers completes a task, they would submit it for testing through Storm. At that point, you would be notified and would grab that item from the queue and do some holistic testing to discover any defects or flaws based on the requirements listed as well as your understanding of the project.
If the item doesn’t work, you’d send it back and communicate with the developer as to why it was sent back and how you broke it, etc.
If the work doesn’t fit what was intended, you would send it back and communicate with the developer as to why it doesn’t fit the requirements. If it works but you have thoughts on how we can make it better, we would take note and see if it fits the client’s needs and budget.

Part 2:

In order to understand client needs, you would also take part in client requirement gathering meetings. You’ll know what they want and need before we put down the first line of code.

Part 3:

Armed with clarity on the project as well as insight into how it works, you would be the perfect person to field random support questions from clients after the project has launched. The intent would be for you to answer any simple questions and try to replicate any issues they report. Once replicated, it can be added to the queue for resolution. This is where some technical expertise with MySQL, SSH, and familiarity with web applications really helps.

Part 4:

We want to keep getting better so we need someone to create or refine existing in-house systems, processes, checklists, etc. The goal is to help increase the overall product quality.
Examples include, but aren’t limited to:
  •  Helping to standardize development practices as you see patterns of similar defects.
  • Creating guidelines or checklists for developers to systematically follow in order to reduce QA rejection.
  • Giving feedback to developers to help them minimize the volume of defects that they produce.

Skills we are looking for

  • Technically proficient in using web applications
  • Some familiarity with Linux, MySQL (or MariaDB), and PHP
  • Able to efficiently use both OSX and Windows
  • Experience working with spreadsheets and building ad-hoc reports
  • Good with communication
    • Internally with developers. You are essentially telling them their stuff doesn’t work, but you still have to keep good relations
    • Externally with clients. You’ll be communicating with clients, so professionalism is important
    • Ability to write well, as much of your communication will pass through your keyboard

Experience we’d like

Some of these are more important than others…

  • Working as part of a team – regardless of methodology
  • First-hand experience of Agile Scrum
  • Previous experience as a software tester / QA
  • Previous experience as a project manager
  • Demonstrated ability to understand very complex business problems and how best to test them
Personality and character
  • Naturally organized and feels good when things are in order – detail oriented
  • Driven to solve client problems
  • Always looking for ways to improve yourself, processes, team, and products
  • Works well with a team
  • Enjoys the hustle but remains humble
  • A generally thankful person
  • Proactive communicator
  • Lives by their calendar


Our office is at 44th and Wadsworth Blvd in the First Bank building. Our workspace has been designed and built around our needs (open work area, standing work area, pool table, conference rooms, etc.). There is plenty of parking and several restaurants within walking distance (even a few that aren’t chains).


  • Varies based on experience
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Flexible time off policy
  • IRA with match
  • Bonus program
  • and more…