Our Culture

We stay ahead of the curve - so that you stay ahead of the curve

Yes, we have fun – that’s what the culture area of our website is supposed to show right? Pictures of us playing pool and having a beer.

We can definitely show you photos of us having some fun, but what you can’t see is for every hour we play are multiple hours we put into development, design, researching new technologies, implementing internal systems, and tweaking our processes. All in the name of delivering a superior service.

We believe that our work is part of something larger and greater than the work itself. We are helping organizations create new things that make a difference.

These are the principles that guide us…

Ownership and commitment
We will do what we say we’ll do

Excellence in actions and thoughts
We will treat others as we want to be treated

Teamwork and growth
We believe in personal and technical education

Balance ignites creativity
We believe that we need to excel professionally and personally

Consistent delivery
We will continually improve our systems and processes

We will be thankful

We will create great things that create great impact


Now to the pool and beer…


Community Involvement

  • Bonfils
  • ACE
  • habitat_for_humanity
  • casa