Custom ERP Software Systems & Business Management Solutions

For Small Businesses with Big Business Capabilities

Does your company have simple tasks but complex workflows? Do you rely on human capital for growth? Are you concerned about reducing errors? Focus on your business, not the back office, with custom workflows and process automation.

Turn growth from a challenge into an opportunity with a custom-built ERP software system or business management solution that will reduce costs and increase productivity. Get rid of spreadsheets and manual processes and discover the ease of having a single-platform solution for all your business operations.

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How Will This Benefit My Business?

With a custom software system or business management solution from Neon Rain, you can gain speed and efficiency while serving your customers better.

Manage Complexity

  • Simplify tasks for you and your team with customized workflows.
  • Unify critical business systems for efficiency and growth.

Gain Visibility

  • Access real-time reporting on what’s actually happening across the organization.
  • Attain a single view of your entire business process.

Lower Human Capital

  • Increase productivity and reduce staffing with process automation.
  • Deploy apps for you and your team for logistics and enhance communication.

Reduce Errors

  • Deliver a better and more consistent product or service.
  • Reduce risk from human error through enforced consistency.

What Does the Process Look Like?

1. Define the mission and vision. We'll uncover your business challenges and start mapping how to solve them, beginning with roles and processes.
2. Determine success indicators. From profits to efficiencies gained, platform adoption and more, we measure what matters to move your business forward.
3. Develop a custom solution. Once we have a clear understanding of your industry and what you need to unify your business, we customize our business management system modules to fit your specific needs, which reduces your overall cost and gets your system live faster.
4. Test, train, launch. After incorporating input from you and your team throughout the process, we ensure that the system meets all your requirements. We then help integrate the system seamlessly into your business by training you and your team, migrating all your data and setting you up for success.

Let us build you a customized ERP software system or business management solution to propel your company from what it is to what it can be.