Enterprise Web Development & Design

While every company has unique needs to be met in website design, enterprise clients on the whole tend to pose more complicated challenges by the nature of their requirements.

What is an Enterprise Website?

An enterprise website or enterprise content management system is made for a large group, often a corporation, that is specially designed to meet the storage, security, integration, and organizational needs of such a group. These projects differ from regular websites in the scope and design process involved—an enterprise website, for instance, often may be designed to work with an existing authoring workflow and may need to integrate with other systems. Put simply, there are a lot more moving parts to consider and those parts have more complex requirements.

At its core, an enterprise website platform mimics building blocks that allow us to build anything a company may need. There is increased effort and cost as more systems have to be set up. vs. a platform meant for a small and medium-sized business that has a specific set of features already setup for common smaller business needs. An enterprise website user gains flexibility, ownership of direction, and scalability.


Integration with Existing Systems
When creating an enterprise level website, it’s important it can be easily integrated with systems that are already in place. For example, systems such as single sign-on, CRM, Salesforce, sales enablement, & marketing automation software should be able to communicate with the new website.

Beyond this, an enterprise website must fit into a corporation’s structure and fulfill their information governance criteria. As a common example, many enterprise websites allow back-end users to add new pages or content but only to specific areas of the site based on their role and department. Although, the way in which this feature is implemented will vary by company. In some cases, users may be afforded the freedom to upload content at will, but in others, the content may have to go through a specific workflow and have a supervisor’s approval before being posted.

Website Security
Given the large scale of an enterprise website, security is one of the utmost important features. With the significant amount of data being stored and considering the brand reputation of the company, it is imperative that the website is kept secure from various malicious attempts. Malicious attempts include someone trying to gain access to private information, defacing the website, trying to get into your internal network, or just taking it completely down and offline.

With the nature of the company needing an enterprise website, it could be assumed that the website may need to be able to service a large number of users in a larger geographic area, both employees on the backend and visitors on the front end. At any given time there could be hundreds or thousands of people contributing content and millions of concurrent visitors browsing the site or transacting purchases in multiple languages. Enterprise architecture should be able to scale across multiple servers and continue to serve all the parties without interruption and overloading the system. E-retailers specifically can incur a financial loss due to performance or stability problems while other organizations may not be able to provide services to paying customers if their architecture is not scalable.

Architected Databases and Optimized Queries
Something unseen by visitors could slow the website down significantly or require you to scale up hardware to make up for the inefficiency. Inefficient database setup and slow queries that haven’t been architected lead to long delays when the website looks for information in the database. This, in turn, makes the website very slow to load content and increases the amount of server resources needed to query the data. In short, an inefficient architecture makes your website harder to maintain, slower to use, and more costly to run. Enterprise websites should have a thought out, planned, and optimized database and queries to get the required information as efficiently as possible.

At Neon Rain Interactive, we have years of experience with enterprise clients, allowing us to seamlessly integrate your new website into your existing workflow. Our mastery of Drupal allows us to incorporate content archiving, enforced permissions or formatting, and other advanced features necessary in an enterprise environment. To start the conversation about your organization’s ideal website, call us or submit a contact form today!

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