ADCO Hearing Products


With its beginnings as a family owned business in the 1950's, ADCO Hearing sells assistive hearing devices and communication products for the Deaf hard of hearing. ADCO Hearing is also the primary source for many audiologists, hearing instrument specialists, and medical professionals.


ADCO Hearing approached Neon Rain to develop an eCommerce website that would not only serve the general public, but would also allow them to institute partner pricing for professionals that may utilize products sourced from ADCO Hearing. With thousands of products they needed the product migration to be spot-on as well as organized. ADCO Hearing required faceted full text product search options. Additionally, orders placed on the website needed to automatically migrate to their fulfillment and accounting system.


  • Check integration
  • Check Quickbooks integration
  • Check Anonymous checkout
  • Check Tiered pricing levels
  • Check Coupon and discount system
  • Check High performance faceted product search
  • Check Dynamic shipping calculations
  • Check Estimated shipping based on address
  • Check Search engine optimized


We developed a systematic method to importing data surrounding ADCO Hearing's 2,000+ products. A code based import was developed to allow ADCO Hearing to visualize how the data would look before committing to one method. Using a hierarchy of categories allows customers to search for products using a multitude of variables such as device function, device type, price range, or brand.


Tiered product pricing system
We designed and developed a tiered pricing system that allowed ADCO Hearing to present retail pricing or wholesale pricing based on the type of user browsing the website. This meant both the general public and partners could use the website to place orders but the general public would see retail prices and partners would see wholesale prices.


We had to make it easy to buy so we designed an intuitive interface to help the product selection and ordering process take center stage. The UI/UX was simplified to keep the website from getting in the way of the ordering process.


Quickbooks Web Connector Integration
We created a Drupal module that allowed the website to securely integrate with Quickbooks Web Connector in real-time. This seamlessly tied customer records, orders, and payments into ADCO Hearing's internal accounting and fulfillment system.


git, jenkins, bootstrap, mysql, intuit quickbooks, drupal, backbone.js, solr, less, grunt


Neon Rain designed the ADCO Hearing website to be responsive to various device resolutions. This means there is one version of the website that recognizes the resolution of the device it’s being viewed on, and automatically adjusts all of the text, photos, and menus to be optimal for that particular resolution.