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A chance meeting of two amazing women at a charity event gave birth to a company with a singular missing, "Anyone young-at-art, in cities or the countryside…should be able to easily find art lessons, places of art instruction, and the art supplies needed to pursue their passion." With that in mind, Art Cantina was born. Art Cantina is an online resource that connects students and teachers in all aspects of art education around the world.


Neon Rain was brought in to develop an interactive website allowing varying levels of art teachers and organizations to easily create a profile, enter their areas of expertise, and upload sample work. We also needed to develop a front end that made it easy for prospective students to find what they were looking for by discipline and then filter by preferred medium, skill level, and geographic location. For those teachers and organizations that were actively marketing their services, we built a membership system with payment processing integration and advanced profile areas.

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Membership sites may seem like standard eCommerce websites in theory, but they can be more complex when it comes to implementation. Membership websites must overcome unique obstacles such as mid-term upgrades, recurring billing, feature availability by membership level, and many other considerations that a normal eCommerce site wouldn't encounter.

  • Check Student Profile Area
  • Check Teacher Profile Area
  • Check Multiple Membership Levels
  • Check Ability to Post Workshops
  • Check Automatic Recurring Membership Billing
  • Check Automatic Prorated Upgrade Process
  • Check One-time Billing to Post workshops
  • Check Email Verification at Account Creation
  • Check Teacher / Student Communication System


Making it easy for students to filter teachers by discipline, skill level, location, and cost is key to an exceptional visitor experience.

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Membership site payment processingMembership sites present unique challenges that clients may not have thought through at the start. Consider the many paths to someone signing up. How do we distinguish various levels of membership? How do we handle someone upgrading before their term is up? How do we handle expired credit cards before an automatic renewal? What about one-time purchases to post a workshop? Our experience allowed us to present various models, options, and best practices to help guide the Art Cantina to a solution that perfectly fits their audience.


In addition to becoming a member of Art Cantina, users are able to post event based workshops. Teachers and Art Schools would pay per workshop posted.

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Member DashboardFrom teachers, students, art schools, or art suppliers, the account management area is custom based on the user's role. The member area fosters communication, allows for billing management, and gives each role the ability to manage classes and workshops.


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We designed the Art Cantina website to be responsive to various device resolutions. This means there is one version of the website that recognizes the resolution of the device it’s being viewed on, and automatically adjusts all of the text, photos, and menus to be optimal for that particular resolution. This means our client didn’t have to pay for a separate mobile version of the website to ensure that their site would be effective across multiple devices.

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