Collabsy Project Management System


Collabsy is a funded startup who wanted to make online collaboration between teams social and simple. Collabsy is redefining how teams work together and how they promote themselves. The platform is perfect for Start-ups/SMBs, non-profits and Enterprise. Initiate a project, collaborate, socialize your team's progress, preserving privacy if you’d like - Social Collaboration Made Simple.


Collabsy approached Neon Rain to assist with developing a UI/UX model. They had a list of features and functionality they wanted to have in the core product but they weren't sure how to lay them out in a workflow that made sense and was intuitive. We started with the front-facing magazine that features posts and content from current users and projects. It provided a quick way to catch up on the team's progress since last login.

collabsy home page


Since we were essentially designing the product from scratch, we had a lot of flexibility to help define how the product would be used. From using keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between projects to color coding projects to keep tabs on what you are looking at - we thought about how we would use it.

  • Check Real time messaging
  • Check Team scheduling
  • Check To do list tracking
  • Check Real time progress feed
  • Check Digital asset management
  • Check Gamification with badges
  • Check Flipboard status display
  • Check Multi-file uploader
  • Check In-app notifications


Creating an interface that allows a user to consume multiple types of information quickly and easily is a science and an art. Utilizing what we know about human behavior we can make interactions feel like second nature.

collabsy radar page


The real time messaging system feels like you are text messaging but allows you to drag files to auto upload and gives you a quick status view of your contacts. Easily tell if someone is online, idle, or logged out. Setup group discussions or chat one-on-one.

collabsy chat


If we had to summarize our approach to the look and feel of Collabsy in one word it would be “uber-friendly”. Well, technically that’s two words... Everything about the site says “simple” which immediately puts a user at ease. There’s hardly a sharp corner to be found and the flat shading make all elements clear and approachable.

collabsy style


We explored a few options for visual cues to convey collaboration in the logo type. It’s easy to overthink a concept like this so we always try to focus on the simplest solution. The client ultimately went with the option of the “circle of colors”, conveying diversity in a collaborating community.

collabsy logo