House of Bespoke


Although House of Bespoke (HOB) was founded just a few years ago, the story of their journey to the digital world started several decades ago. A master stylist named Mohan tailored custom suits for the world’s elite. With his knowledge in tailoring, passion for fine clothing, and desire to bring Bespoke garments to the masses, House of Bespoke was born. Custom shirts and suits at an affordable price opened the door for every man to look bespoke.


HOB approached Neon Rain to build an interactive suit building system. Buying garments from a website has its own obstacles to overcome. They wanted to remove the anxiety from the custom suit buying experience. HOB envisioned a customer being able to select a garment swatch and build a site on the website in real-time. They wanted their customer to be able confidently select a lapel type. Whether they know the difference between a peak lapel or a shawl lapel didn't matter because they could see what their selection would look like on the virtual mannequin.

hob home page


HOB needed a very unique eCommerce implementation. This wasn't a standard shopping cart. The product was almost infinitely customizable and required additional information from the user to proceed. Not only was the technology complex but the UI/UX required intense thought and planning in order to be intuitive and still integrate well with HOB's existing systems.

  • Check Virtual suit builder
  • Check Custom monogram builder
  • Check Personalized creation sharing
  • Check Gift certificate management
  • Check Customer measurement tracker
  • Check Triggered emails at each step
  • Check Advanced product management system
  • Check Virtual shirt builder
  • Check Swatch browser


So many swatches its like being in a candy store. We built an advanced product management backend that allowed HOB to integrate a multitude of swatches quickly. We built it so that they could change prices on multiple swatches with just a few clicks. A consumer can search or filter by weight, pattern, color, price, thread count, and material allowing them to be confident in their swatch selection.

hob shirts page


We developed a custom gift card management system. Given the sales cycle and customer input needed, we had to create a flexible gift card system that allowed full flexibility for HOB and the consumer.

gift card


The interactive suit builder allows the consumer to see exactly what they are building. Want to see how the shawl lapel looks? Click on it. Wonder how the notch lapel would look with the 3 buttons in a slanted kissing configuration? Easy. Click and see your creation update in real-time. We even made it fun by randomizing the drink in the mannequin's hand.

animation showing user interface for house of bespoke suit building tool, pockets, vest, jacket, buttons, lapel, cuff, pleats


Automated email triggersSince a custom garment can take a few weeks to make we wanted to keep the consumer in the know. The system was setup to send triggered emails when the status of the garment was changed in the backend. The consumer was alerted with an email as the garment passed through each step of the process.


HOB operates from the United States and China. With two offices that handle very different functions, they needed a system that was flexible yet robust. We developed a backend that allows both offices to manage available products, swatch photos, pricing levels, promotions, and imagery from anywhere in the world.

hob shopping cart


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We designed the House of Bespoke website to be responsive to various device resolutions. This means there is one version of the website that recognizes the resolution of the device it’s being viewed on, and automatically adjusts all of the text, photos, and menus to be optimal for that particular resolution. This means our client didn’t have to pay for a separate mobile version of the website to ensure that their site would be effective across multiple devices.

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