Talk Condo


Talk Condo is a Toronto, Canada based residential real estate company. With over 2,000 high rise buildings in Toronto, residential condo real estate is a big deal. Talk Condo focuses on educating their audience and providing useful property information quickly in an easy to digest format.


Talk Condo approached Neon Rain to help them develop a WordPress website that would allow them to easily manage all of the condo units available in the Toronto area. With over 2,000 high rise buildings in Toronto, residential condo real estate is a big deal. The website needed to integrate with a data entry system for ease of updating large amounts of information as well as providing an interactive location map for potential buyers. We were also tasked with continuously adding features to help increase visitors and engagement.


It takes a village - skilled back-end developers, database architects, designers, and front-end developers all came together to create a world-class real estate website.

  • Check Custom backend database
  • Check Facebook Messenger integration
  • Check Schema integration
  • Check Interactive map based search
  • Check Search engine focused
  • Check Confidential secret sauce


Neon Rain utilized Google Maps API to create a rich and interactive method to display neighborhood boundaries as well as individual properties. This made it easy for users to see all condo projects within their target area or filter based on personal criteria and drill down into individual property details.


facebook_chatWhen looking at a condo online, wouldn’t it be nice to click a button and chat with someone about property details and then have that whole conversation logged somewhere you could easily access later?

Neon Rain accomplished that by integrating facebook chat. The buyer doesn’t have to create an account or provide personal details. They can start chatting and then continue that conversation in the future through facebook messenger.

Make it easy. Make it fun. Don’t make the user work for it.


Neon Rain decided early on to not be limited by just one tool set or workflow. WordPress is a great platform but other tools can be tied in to extend and enhance WordPress. Understanding the client's internal workflow processes also help know what will work for them and what won't. Keeping an open mind throughout the project and integrating best of breed systems from the start helped make this project a success.


wordpress, mysql, google api, facebook messenger, google maps, varnish, memcached, bootstrap, hhvm, acf,


We all know that real estate buyers use their mobile devices to seek out suitable homes and condos. Making sure the website was responsive and worked on various display sizes such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones was a no brainer.