Westfleet Advisors


Westfleet Advisors is a litigation finance company and the first U.S. company to focus exclusively on advising businesses and law firms in connection with commercial litigation funding. Litigation financing transactions are extremely complex and expertise is rare outside the community of litigation funders. Westfleet assists in analyzing whether litigation finance is a viable option and also manages the process of obtaining financing.


Neon Rain designed a custom layout first and then progressed to build it on a website content management system that would serve them for many years. We decided WordPress was a great fit for Westfleet. We started with wireframes to make sure all the right information was being presented and then moved to design mockups which reflected the culture of Westfleet. With a few revision rounds we arrived at a design layout that Westfleet loved.

westfleet home page


We utilized common components when they fit Westfleet's needs and then extended the areas where they needed a bit more flexibility and power.

  • Check Easy yet robust WordPress CMS
  • Check Download guides by providing contact info
  • Check Client controls and manages events
  • Check Search Engine Optimized
  • Check Utilized cache system for speed
  • Check Managed security update process


Utilizing WordPress as the content management system, we used a custom theme to provide a strong base to build on. Starting with the navigation and content structure and then moving to slicing imagery and then integrating the design into the code.

westfleet about page


We integrated a gated download system which required visitors to provide their contact information in order to download the expert guides throughout the website.

westfleet blog


We designed the Westfleet Advisors website to be responsive to various device resolutions. This means there is one version of the website that recognizes the resolution of the device it’s being viewed on, and automatically adjusts all of the text, photos, and menus to be optimal for that particular resolution. This means our client didn’t have to pay for a separate mobile version of the website to ensure that their site would be effective across multiple devices.

westfleet responsive