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Web Application Development

Ranked in the Top Web Development Firms in Denver by the Denver Business Journal, we actually deliver what others promise.  We work with established businesses, venture captial funded companies, entrepreneurs, angel backed ventures, and even our "competitors."  

We've been developing web based applications since 2002 and are the go to firm for various Web firms around the United States and Canada.  If the project gets complicated, they outsource the hard parts to us. 

Web application development is a complicated world. There are many languages, frameworks, and processes. And in some cases, so called programmers hack things together and you only find out when it’s too late. Our intimate team and proven process remove much of the risk from creating a web-based application.

Have you heard someone say, “If you build it, they will come?” In truth, many applications never get traction because they weren’t planned correctly and weren’t marketed correctly.

Neon Rain has put together a software development process that allows us to figure out your true web development needs and then help you prioritize those needs based on market demand and your budget. Business owners, entrepreneurs, startups, and thriving businesses come to us to help them overcome obstacles and build unique, scalable code.

Whether it’s a large-scale, global, proof-of-concept prototype, or internal custom intranet based web application, we have the expertise to bring the project to fruition

In order to succeed, you have to have a few things:

  1. A competent team
    Our team of developers are experts in PHP, Javascript (AJAX), XHTML, CSS, and various sql and nosql database structures. Our breadth of knowledge from server side scripting to flash, gives us the edge.
  2. A complete team
    We start with the product owner who internalizes your needs as our own and helps to develop a road-map for your project. This contact also becomes the point person for your communication. They also communicate directly with the development team to make sure you get what you need and how you need it.  The team includes Developers, Project Managers, and Quality Assurance. 
  3. A proven process
    We’ve spent years developing a process that brings out the best in projects. We start with a discovery process and figure out what’s really important and then with that filtered list, we plan out the development. We have a process that not only analyzes the code for quality but also for user acceptance. Like we said, you get what you want.  Additionally, we utilize the Agile Scrum methodology.
  4. A proven framework
    We’ve gone as far as developing our own internet PHP framework called Starbug™. Starbug™ allows us to build scalable, rich Internet applications, whether for standard browsers or mobile devices. It allows us to create complex features with ease. Best of all, it’s open source so there’s no issue with proprietary code here.
  5. Business foresight
    Regardless of what others say, we really do partner with our clients. We dig as deep or as shallow as you want us to in order to help you choose what features are best to implement based on market demand and return on investment.

The only option here is your success. If you aren’t successful, we aren’t successful.

To learn more about why we think like we do, take a look at our Vision Statement, our Mission Statement, and our 7 core values.

Directions to Neon Rain

Neon Rain Interactive
2330 Broadway
Suite #103
Denver, CO 80205

Toll free: 1-877-888-8811
Local: 303-957-3092
Fax: 720-398-3232