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Companies like HP and Subway have put their trust in us since 2002 to build their scalable web applications.

Web Applications

Web applications are essentially software that is access through a web browser. The function can really be anything, such as a calculator, a place for customers to log in and track orders, buy something, interact with other people, or make their employees more productive.

We make the complex simple. There are various aspects to buiding a web application:

  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Adaptability

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Our Recipe for Success

Anyone can say they program applications, but you may not know until too late that what they call “programming” is cobbling together bits of code from other people. We truly are programmers, and we’re good at it because we have all the elements necessary to succeed, including:

  • A Competent team of developers expert in PHP, JavaScript (AJAX), XHTML, CSS, and multiple sql and nosql databases.
  • A complete team of developers, project managers, and quality assurance, as well as an in-house product owner who serves as your in-house proxy, taking your concerns and making them his own so you don’t have to deal with the product until it is ready.
  • A proven process that we’ve tweaked since before we were founded in 2002 to bring out the best in every project.
  • A custom proven PHP framework called Starbug™ that allows us to build scalable, rich apps for websites and mobile devices.
  • Business foresight that helps us serve as a true partner, but letting you decide what that means. We can just do what you tell us, offer advice, or take control of a product completely and deliver you what we know is best for your business.

Your success is our only option. We do not allow ourselves to deliver anything less than exactly what your business needs.



"While we were looking for investors, we had a very high profile investor who wanted to do their due diligence on the codebase and code structure before committing.  They didn't want to invest in a company and then have to throw away the code and start over.  Neon Rain gave them access to the code (with our permission) and within a few weeks the results came back with flying colors!"
Mike Montano

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