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Denver Mobile App Development

Streamline your business with a data-driven mobile app

Whether you're taking a brand new product to market.
Or need to make your current systems more effective.

Trusted by organizations for over 20 years




Access your business systems on the go

Get a mobile-optimized view of your data. So that whether you're working in the field or away from your desktop, you can still get your job done.

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Stay up-to-date with 
push notifications

Count on real-time access to the information you need to keep your business moving. Whether that's new customer inquiries or project status changes.

Increase your user engagement

In a world where people are glued to their mobile devices.... make it easy for your employees or your customers to stay connected. With your app right at their fingertips.

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We had a very high-profile investor who wanted to do their due diligence on the codebase and code structure before committing. They didn't want to invest in a company and then have to throw away the code and start over. Neon Rain gave them access to the code (with our permission), and within a few weeks, the results came back with flying colors!

They developed everything we could throw at them

"Our project was by no means straightforward with a lot of custom elements that needed to be developed from scratch. The team listened to what we wanted, offered suggestions on where we could improve, and then developed everything we could throw at them."

We made such a good decision

"We made such a good decision by dropping the last firm and going with Neon Rain."

The website is pretty much bulletproof

"It works and looks great, and it was completed on time and on budget. The service has been fantastic after launch. I honestly have nothing but good things to say about Neon Rain."

They find the proper custom fit for you

The difference to me was they could do as much as we wanted or keep it as simple as we wanted. I didn't feel like I was being sold a particular package. Not only can they design and build in any platform, but they also do it correctly and efficiently.

Constantly communicating with us

"If we had questions or issues, we could get in touch with them very quickly. If we wanted to talk an idea out, they were highly knowledgeable in turning concepts and ideas into real products that helped us market better. Our entire team highly endorses Neon Rain."

What's it like to work with us?

You should know that communication is kind of our thing

Our motto?
Listen first, sell never

Your project is an investment. Our job is to help you weigh your options and make your best choice. Not pitch you “the thing we do.”

As fluent in "human"
as in tech-speak

Integrations and 301 redirects? We translate the jargon (unless you speak the language). So you always know exactly what we’re working on. And why.

Known for lightning-fast response times

You get a dedicated project manager for the entirety of your build. And you can expect to hear back from us within hours (but often more like minutes).

What to expect

Get your mobile app live faster with a strategy-first process


Define your vision

Tell us about your processes, needs, and goals (we're all ears!). We'll brainstorm ideas, identify the risks, recommend a tech stack, and then come up with the scope of your minimum viable product together.

Design a solution

With a strategic architecture plan in place, we'll create UX/UI wireframes and mockups of your new mobile app. So you can visualize the main components and make sure we're on the right track.

Develop and iterate

We develop each app feature using agile scrum methodologies. That means code review, quality assurance, internal acceptance, and a feedback loop every step of the way. 

You'll even be able to try it on your devices before it hits the app stores. So you can provide input throughout the entire process.

Get it launched

Your mobile app goes live! We'll be right there to *cheers* and support you through the launch. We can even host the cloud backend if you'd like.

Maintenance mode

And then it's on to maintenance mode. Where we continue to add features and make adjustments that create more value for your company.


No, we won't charge you for every email — and other A's to your Q's

Since every mobile app is truly custom, so is the price. Here’s what we can tell you: 

You'll get a simple payment structure based on project milestones or a monthly deposit model. And you definitely won't get a bill for every email you send us.

Bring it on! We've been building software for small businesses and enterprise companies since 2002. And many web development firms come to us when their projects are too complex to tackle in-house. So we're pretty confident in our capabilities. But we promise to be honest about what we can and can't do.

Yes, we find iOS and Android devices make up the majority of the market (over 99%), and depending on your requirements, each app may need to be developed in the iOS native language and the Android native language. 

Many of our mobile apps have a centralized cloud system that manages the data - we build that too.

For most projects, the Project Manager will schedule a weekly call to update you on what we've accomplished, what's next, and get clarification if needed.

We also use an online communication tool that shows you what we are working on, have discussions, share assets, and allows us to assign tasks to you if we need something.

We also set up a staging environment and help you get the mobile app running on your device so that you can play with it and provide feedback.

The exact timeframe depends on the complexity of your project. But we do have a diligent project management system in place. That includes aggressive timelines to keep your project on track.

Don't worry; we speak "tech" and "human." And we are pretty good translators too!

We pride ourselves on making things easy to understand without making people feel belittled. But we can also hold our own when speaking with technical people.

A data-driven app is focused on functionality; for example, it could be a way for your employees to clock in and out while in the field, or maybe it's a system that allows homeowners to reach out to service providers or even a tool that insurance companies use to gather information after an accident - it looks high-end and works well, but ultimately it's dealing with data and information.

A gaming app is more visually intense and entertainment-focused. It deals less with managing information and more with controlling the movement of something on the screen. Apps such as bubble shooter or candy crush are gaming apps.

We love building data-driven apps, but not gaming apps. Those are better left to gaming studios.

The first step is to schedule a no-obligation call with us to determine if your project fits within our wheelhouse. If we aren't a good fit, we will tell you.

After we've discussed your project and asked a bunch of questions, we would come back with a recommended budget to see how things align.

Something else on your mind?

See if we're a good fit

Have a hunch that we might be your type? Tell us a little about your project. You'll hear back from us within one business day (but probably sooner).

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