Agile Scrum for Web Development

Reduce your risk, reduce the capital required to start, and get to market faster

Over the past 10 years, Scrum has become increasingly prevalent in software development because it creates a method to successfully cope with loosely defined and constantly changing requirements.

Agile Scrum is an iterative software development methodology specifically designed to build products faster. Agile Scrum uses short pre-defined development cycles (called sprints or cycles), with each cycle resulting in potentially shippable functionality delivered.

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How does Agile Scrum reduce your risk?

Quick Start

Other development methodologies require you to define and scope the whole project before you can begin. We are able to get started right away. As soon as we know enough, we can build. Then we add on as the details become more clear.

Early Results Delivery

Feedback is key in this process as it determines the next few steps. We schedule regularly occurring demo meetings where we show you exactly what was worked on and have your stakeholders play with it.

Scope Flexibility

Things change – unlike a traditional Waterfall approach, Agile Scrum is geared to handle scope change – at the start or at the end of the project.


Showing you working software budget regularly allow you to have peace of mind that things are on track.

Roadmap Visibility

We work with you to develop and maintain a list of all the items/features that need to be accomplished for the specific project. You may choose to break a project into phases, in which case the upcoming phases act as your roadmap.

Faster Time To Market

Our process is geared towards developing a minimum viable product (MVP). We want to get something done fast and get it out there for feedback. The sooner you get feedback, the sooner you can decide to change things or feel comfortable in your decisions.

Want to learn more about Agile Scrum and have 8 minutes and 2 seconds?  Here’s a video explaining Agile Scrum and how we utilize it for web development and mobile application projects.