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Top Mobile Apps for Productivity

Apps are mostly known for their ability to suck productivity away, but they don’t have to be that way. Many apps are great tools for helping you and your employees get work done.  We have taken the time out to put a list together of our favorite productivity apps, click below to see if your favorite app made the cut!

Meeting Mapper

Everyone hates unproductive meetings. Worse, they suck up your productivity, especially for a small business where you may have half or even all of your employees in a room at once wasting time. Meeting Mapper helps you plan meetings and record outcomes quickly and efficiently so you can make those meetings faster, and dynamically link together chains of meetings so you can create a progressive, productive meeting workflow.


Did I mention how bad unproductive meetings can be? Rabblebrowser combats distraction and confusion in meetings where everyone has their own iPad by allowing meeting participants to share files, URLs, and more across devices. It literally helps keep everyone on the same page, without everyone having to look for and find files or addresses.


This one comes with a caveat, appended at the end. Brewster is an app designed to bring all your contacts together in one place, and, even better, keep track of how well you’re keeping in contact with them. Its intuitive interface is quick, pleasant, and easy to use, and it brings all the contact information you need into one place. Even one of its potential drawbacks may be a benefit for you: it only allows you to have one Twitter or Facebook account, so if you have a professional and a personal one, use it to keep track of business contacts, without risk of distraction by personal friends or family.

Some users have been experiencing glitches that lead to duplicate contacts or having dubious contacts brought to the fore. For those users, Brewster obviously doesn’t work to deliver the benefits we mention.


Want to make great presentation slides on your way to a meeting? Use your travel time efficiently with this powerful free slide creator app. Although not as powerful as, say, Powerpoint or Keynote, but it does have a high degree of functionality. For many people, it even outscores pricey competitor Prezi for its combination of features and usability.

Notes & Brainstorming App

I know, this is a little bit of a cheat, but if you want to be productive on the run, you need some way to jot down and work with ideas as they come to you. The problem is: everybody works a little differently when it comes to this process. What seems like a great way to organize and jot down information to one person just doesn’t work well for others. So here’s a list of a few to try to find out which one works best for you:

  • Paper
  • Drafts
  • Evernote


Want to see how productive you really are? RescueTime can track your computer usage and help you find the times you’re actually being productive, and when you’re goofing off. Then you can be your own taskmaster.

Haven’t found a good productivity app? Let us design an app for you. At Neon Rain, we are serious developers who can help you design a custom app for your business.

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