What A/B Split Testing Can Do for You

A/B Split Testing is a common practice used to help refine a website for optimal user experience. In A/B testing, each visitor is randomly assigned to see a given variant of a webpage. The goal is to gather statistical data about conversions and engagement on each variant to ultimately determine which version is the most effective. The process itself is extremely versatile, and it can just as easily be used to test small refinements or major UI overhauls.

What A/B Testing Can Do For Your Website

Although A/B testing requires an initial time investment, it is overall one of the most efficient ways of testing changes to an interface. Rather than overhauling everything at once and hoping that the reaction is positive, you gain a finer degree of control over the rollout with statistical data to inform your decision making. In addition, A/B split testing can:

  • Solve Visitor Pain Points: Comparing user behavior across different versions of an interface makes it easy to pinpoint where users are getting lost. Those real user insights are critical to addressing concerns that might never be raised to a customer service representative.
  • Reduce Bounce Rates: As a direct consequence of addressing actual user concerns, A/B testing often leads to decreased bounce rates as users find fewer reasons to leave a site.
  • Low-Risk: A/B testing ensures that all drastic changes are backed up by quality data. Until that point, you can test small, incremental changes to portions of your user base, which prevents widespread dissatisfaction if a redesign isn’t well received.
  • Identify Profitable Changes: Many companies use A/B testing to pit potential promotions against one another to determine which is the most effective at retaining visitors and driving sales. In this way, you aren’t focusing solely on correcting errors but also on optimizing what already works.
  • Increase ROI: Even subtle redesigns can require a large investment. A/B testing gives you confidence that your final rollout is the most successful version of your site, generating a higher ROI.

Neon Rain’s A/B Approach

At Neon Rain, we believe in using every data source available for our website design to maximize conversions for our clients. To speak with our team about how split testing might increase profits, give us a call at 303-957-3092.