Custom Software Development & Design Services

Extensive experience and expertise

Our strong development & design expertise has made us the go-to custom software development company for many agencies across North America for the past 15 years.

We handle everything from requirements gathering, objective and goal definition, creating planning documents, UX/UX, wireframing, designing, building, and hosting custom software and custom web sites.

Neon Rain’s custom software development & design services and web applications require more than a certain technical skillset. They require a framework of collaboration that creates data-driven, scalable, cloud-based solutions that uniquely grow with each business. We have years of experience developing custom business management solutions.

Clutch Top Denver Software Developers

2017 Top iPad App Development Company (TAC)

UpCity Top Software Developer Denver

Robust Project Management

“Storm” is our own internal project management system that allows us to manage every step of the process with precision. Instead of changing our proven workflow to fit off-the-shelf project management systems we created our own to make sure we could take full advantage of solid systems and processes without compromise.

Development Framework

PHP MVC frameworks help us create robust and elegant minimum viable products (MVP) quickly. Which means you can solicit feedback sooner rather than later and get to market sooner. It’s completely open source and able to be managed by any developer experienced in working with PHP frameworks.


Modified Agile Scrum

We've spent the past decade refining our unique agile development process until we perfected our proprietary form of Agile Scrum. It focuses on delivering scalable, quality software with speed and flexibility while reducing most of the waste normally seen in software development.

Q.A. and Release Management

No matter the size of the project, we believe that a series of checks and balances helps ensure quality, which is the driving factor in everything we build. At every stage of development, each feature passes through a rigorous internal review.

DevOps from Start to Finish

What happens when a project is ready for the world? How does it get off the ground? Neon Rain provides you with the infrastructure and hosting services you need for the life of the project. From domain name registration to load balanced server environment consulting, we won't ever leave you hanging.

Flexibility vs. Stability

Neon Rain, being Denver’s top software development & design company, solves the problem of having to choose between the stability of off-the-shelf software and the flexibility of a custom software solution. We utilize a framework that's already been proven to provide stability while letting you customize to solve any need.

  • Commerce
    Whether B2B, B2C or both, we are an Certified Developer and have developed various eCommerce integrations including automatic recurring billing (ARB), standard one time purchase, securely saving credit cards through customer information manager (CIM), ongoing membership billing, Quickbooks and accounting system integration, etc.
  • Enterprise Portals & Intranets
    Protected staff, member, or customer areas that allow secure access to information or admin interfaces.
  • Enterprise Content/Document Management
    Secure and protected content management, digital asset management, customized authorizing workflows, moderated content by role, and large site content migration.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
    Customized workflow and software integration to help you manage businesses where workflows can be complex yet high levels of quality assurance and automated checks and balances are required.
  • B2B and B2C Web Portals
    Your web portals are the heart and soul of your business' communications. We provide advanced solutions for customers and sales alike, facilitating supply chain management and improving automation.
  • Content Management and Distribution
    Content management at scale requires systems to make sure data and content is stored securely, can only be accessed by approved personnel, has been moderated by management, and is compliant with regulations specific to your industry.
  • Business Intelligence
    The collection, organization, and reporting of data is what drives today's business success. We provide high-quality data management and various levels of reporting for your entire enterprise.
  • Customer Relationship Management
    Today's business moves fast, and success relies on top-of-the-line customer management and communication tools. We have built systems that allow for better management of customer information and pipeline forecasting.

U.S. Based Development That Works with You

We firmly believe that communication is paramount for efficiency's sake and that outsourcing overseas would compromise our ability to deliver world class, scalable custom software solutions, so our development team works from our headquarters here in Denver, Colorado. We are constantly training on best practices, coding standards, and workflow methodologies.

Through defining standards, code reviews, and collaborative data architecture, we always have full control of code quality, milestone delivery, communication, and best practice implementation, and that means that you can count on a high-quality product that delivers.