Android App Development & Design

The Android platform has its own unique user experience that Android users are accustomed to, as well as a diverse ecosystem of device manufacturers. Unlike iOS devices, Android devices have a hardware back button and can come in virtually any screen size or resolution created by over 1,300 manufacturers.

The difference though is in the finer points. Native Android app development & design requires knowledge of Java and even the interface changes a bit in order to take advantage of native tools in the Android operating system.

The Android ecosystem is unique in that it is not closed. Almost any device manufacturer can use the Android operating system and can also modify it. Having the standard Android operating system as well as modified versions on over a thousand different devices creates a unique challenge for Android app developers. Understanding the uniqueness of the Android ecosystem gives us an edge, as top Android app developers & designers in Denver.

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To successfully launch an Android app, you need…

An Android app development & design company that has proven processes:

  • Planning and ideation phase to help focus the work and maximizes returns — get the biggest bang for your development buck.
  • Native application development & design experience to provide the most flexibility, power, and best user experience.
  • Developing apps for Android devices usually require a scalable, web-based back end for easy management and reporting functions.
  • Agile Scrum methodology focuses on iterative development & design, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between you and our team.

A development & design firm that has vetted systems:

  • As experienced Android app developers in Denver, our one-of-a-kind project management system that we built allows us to track features, task, time, testing, and more to make sure we are on top of the project.
  • GIT repositories allow us to work in unison as a team with multiple code check-ins each day.
  • Continuous integration and automated testing systems allow us to work quicker and find potential issues faster.

Increasing the probability of success starts with qualifying the team’s Experience, Expertise, proven Systems, and vetted Processes.

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