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Automated Data Management
for Real Estate Marketplace

TalkCondo went from having massive amounts of unusable real estate data 
to a streamlined, automated system that allows them to grow and scale.

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The Client

The Client

TalkCondo is a marketplace that provides priority access to the hottest new condominium developments in the greater Toronto area before the public launch, helping clients save thousands.

Talkcondo website screenshot condo details and floorplan

The Challenge

The Challenge

Buying a condo in the Toronto area is a competitive process. That’s why TalkCondo wanted to build a platform (similar to Redfin or Zillow) that would aggregate all the information about new developments in one place for buyers, investors, and real estate agents.


TalkCondo had access to an enormous amount of data for new towers before they were built, including detailed floor plans. But they didn’t have an efficient way to manage that data or upload it to their website.

Talkcondo website screenshot floorplans and condo listing

The Solution

The Solution

TalkCondo wanted to hire someone to organize all their information — until Neon Rain came up with an automated solution.


After a thorough discovery process, Neon Rain developed a sheet-based import system to help TalkCondo manage their condo data more efficiently in a single database.


Now, instead of having to click through 1500 condos to change a single field, the data team has a streamlined way to make daily updates and import information to the website.

From there, Neon Rain built an integrated map that lets web users view condos by neighborhood and filter further by bedrooms, bathrooms, suite size, deposit, price, and more — so clients can easily find property listings that match their exact requirements. 


Now, Neon Rain is working on setting up a premium membership, which will allow TalkCondo to monetize their data and continue to grow the business even faster.


Highlights include:

  • Custom Google Maps integration

  • Continuous data import system from Google Cloud

  • Automated PDF generation for floorplans

  • Automatic watermark removal for paid members

  • Floorplan management and organization system

  • Saved historical data for processing and future expandability

  • Easy-to-use administrative area
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“Where Neon Rain really excelled was their communication. If we had questions or issues, we could get in touch with them quickly. If we wanted to talk an idea out, they were highly knowledgeable in turning ideas into real solutions that help us market our products better. We would never have been able to manage the volume of data on our site without the system they came up with. We’ve created something pretty incredible.”

- Roy B, Talk Condo

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