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Custom Lens Ordering
Web App for Optometrists

EyePrint went from fulfilling custom contact lens prescriptions 
manually to an efficient system for serving doctors nationwide.

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The Client

The Client

EyePrint Prosthetics designs specialized contact lenses that match the shape of each individual eye, resulting in greater stability and improved comfort for their patients.

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The Challenge

The Challenge

For people with extremely diseased or irregular corneas, the average contact lens won’t work. That’s why EyePrint Prosthetics developed a highly customized fitting technology that would allow these patients to experience all the vision, comfort, and health benefits of contact lenses.

But with a highly manual process for receiving impression scans, generating 3D models, manufacturing, and shipping the lens to a doctor, EyePrint needed a system that would help them do the work more efficiently and, ultimately, reach more doctors with patients in need of this technology.

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The Solution

The Solution

Neon Rain came up with a custom platform that would streamline the ordering process for both optometrists and the EyePrint team alike.

The platform includes a HIPAA-compliant admin area where doctors can add their patients’ prescription details along with eye scans or impressions.

An error-checking feature ensures that any conflicting details are corrected before submission. And flexible payment options allow doctors to pay immediately or later through an invoice (if they’ve been approved).


Once the order is submitted, EyePrint can export the information out of the system and send it directly to their machine in order to create the new custom lenses, saving time and improving throughput. 

Thanks to this platform, EyePrint has been able to significantly increase their reach and support doctors in delivering life-changing vision and ocular comfort to patients nationwide. 


Additional highlights:

  • Desktop application integrates with web application and automatically transfers required data utilizing an API

  • The platform can manage warranty revisions and adjust pricing automatically

  • Supports streamlined re-ordering for optometrists

  • Payment gateway integration
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"The proprietary EyePrint Scanning Process creates a virtual 3D model of the eye. The 3D model is then imported into our proprietary EyePrint Designer software, where a virtual lens is generated to parallel the unique ocular surface. Once the design is complete, the data is sent to a state-of-the-art manufacturing lab."

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