Littleton Public Schools


Littleton Public Schools is an award winning school district located just south of downtown Denver. With about 15,000 students, in 28 square miles, Littleton Public Schools offers a comprehensive education from preschool through Grade 12. Their slogan is, “Big enough to serve you; small enough to know you."


Littleton Public Schools approached Neon Rain to migrate their legacy website to a well supported enterprise-level platform. Their requirements list included a custom authoring experience, enterprise-level security, advanced search, social media integration, and role-based permissions on a multi-site platform.

lps home page


Neon Rain's goal for the Littleton Public Schools website was to create advanced functionality and wrap it in simplicity. Just because the website was advanced behind the scenes didn't mean the internal group managing the website had to be expert web developers.

  • Check Multi-site common back end
  • Check Flexible flipboard
  • Check Custom icon font
  • Check Advanced search and results
  • Check Aggregated school calendars
  • Check School boundary locator
  • Check Individual school themes
  • Check Custom mega menu
  • Check Push content to their mobile app
  • Check Advanced Layout Manager
  • Check Facebook API Integration
  • Check Robust Access Control


Having a large site introduces obstacles that smaller sites do not encounter. District visitors had to be able to find content quickly but intuitively. Without cluttering the navigation, we created primary navigation links to the most visited areas and then placed less visited areas in a mega menu catered parents, students, staff, and community members.

lps mega menu


We developed an API integration that allows LPS to post district and school news to their website and have that automatically show up in their mobile app. Our goal was to save LPS time and effort. We all know that School Districts are stretched for resources. We didn't want to add additional burden by not taking advantage of a potential integration point that saves scarce time and taxpayer dollars.

lps website, cloud server, phone 1, phone 2, phone 3


The newsroom allows Littleton Public Schools to pull in content from various sources and beautifully display them in a fun yet easy to consume manner. The newsroom also integrates with their mobile application and pushes content directly to the app.

screen shot of littleton public schools news room website page


bootstrap, facebook, drupal, jquery, mysql, git, dojo toolkit, mongodb, google maps, grunt, restful api, solr, varnish, less


Neon Rain designed the Littleton Public Schools website to be responsive to various device resolutions. This means there is one version of the website that recognizes the resolution of the device it’s being viewed on, and automatically adjusts all of the text, photos, and menus to be optimal for that particular resolution. Accessibility is key when developing a website for public organizations.

lps responsive