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Social Wine Suggestion
and Rating Engine

Winome was on the brink of creating the first wine focused 
mobile app that integrated with local restaurants

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The Client

The Client

Winome was started by a couple of friends that loved wine. When we say they "loved" wine we aren't exaggerating - a few of them put in the work to become certified sommeliers. 

The Challenge

The Challenge

Build a mobile app that allows wine enthusiasts to rate wines and share their findings with friends on the app. Then use that data to make recommendations based on the unique flavor profile to help them discover new wines they will enjoy.

"Pair" that with local inventory availability, and you've got something to celebrate!

The Solution

The Solution

Winome approached Neon Rain to build the mobile app and the web application's backend to house and process the data.


Combining Neon Rain's technical ability and creativity with Winome's industry expertise, there were some very smart people on this project.


Once the dust settled, we built a social engineered recommendation engine to find what your friends like and share your tastes with them.


Process this data through advanced algorithms to discover new wines you may enjoy but have never thought to try. With over 50,000 wines listed, you are bound to discover something unique.

Imagine staring at a restaurant wine list with no idea what you may like or, even worse, taking a chance that it won't be something you'll hate. Winome solved that dilemma by utilizing social graph techniques to engineer a varietal taste profiling map.


A cloud-based backend synchronizes with an on-device database and presents over 200,000 restaurant wine lists. Why search the world when you can find that special bottle in your own backyard?


By having a restaurant's wine list, they used an overlay to score each wine on the list based on your preferences and the likelihood you'll enjoy the wine. No more flipping a coin; you may just discover a new favorite.


Highlights include:

  • Track personal tastings and preferences

  • Social friend system

  • Restaurant-facing interface

  • Geo location-awareness

  • Algorithmic recommendation engine

  • Social graph matching varietal taste
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"The key is the algorithm, so far, nobody has been able to replicate it. That's the key strategic point."

- Dan L, Winome

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