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Comparing four types of mobile sites. Which is right for you?

mobile website

The differences between mobile sites, responsive sites, and native mobile apps.

The world is going mobile and everyone knows it...Almost.  Businesses are lagging behind mainly because they don't know how to properly utilize mobile and don't know the options available. We will cover the different types of mobile websites and their cost.

There are currently four ways to go mobile and their prices vary.

A basic mobile site

A basic mobile website really just gets the point across.  It provides some basic links on who you are, what you do, what you are selling, how to contact you, and directions to your office.  You can integrate things like a blog feed and gallery but the site is still basic.

A custom mobile site

A custom mobile site is a site built just for mobile.  It may not look like the full website exactly and it's not just a version of the full website either. It was built specifically for your phone or tablet and usually includes things like e-commerce shopping carts and other ways of interacting with the business.

Responsive design

A responsive design is building a website in a way that it essentially scales down depending on what the user is looking at the site on.  Some areas of the website can be hidden if the user is looking at it on a smaller device and the layout definitely changes to the point where it scales down and lines up to make it easier to view and navigate on mobile devices.

Native mobile app

A native mobile app for android or iOS is something written for a specific device and it is usually downloaded through an app store, i.e. iTunes, Amazon App Store, Google Play, etc.  These are apps that live on the device and usually run without an Internet connection. You can create more advanced functionality with these such as advanced maps, barcode scanners, games, etc.


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