Fight Against COVID-19: Helping the Community Through Web Design

Over the past weeks, the emergence of COVID-19 has impacted nearly every aspect of daily life for people all across the world. Everyone, from households to local communities to worldwide governments are taking steps unseen before to slow the spread of the virus. The best way to mitigate the harmful impact is to arm the public with useful knowledge that will help keep them and their loved ones safe.

We’ve been working directly with Adams County, CO to help build, a community resource that is designed to provide the residents of the county with useful information regarding response and recovery efforts including news updates, access to assistance for food, healthcare, rent, childcare, senior resources, and more.

A unique challenge of this site was the expedited nature in which it needed to deploy. Design, build, and integration within the existing Drupal CMS all took place in just over a week, which a great deal faster than a typical project, however time was of the essence. In order to curb misinformation, provide timely resources to those in need, and bring the county together with consolidated information, this site needed to be published ASAP. Neon Rain worked together with local officials to ensure the site fulfilled the needs of Adams Country’s citizens, but also worked, providing a simple UI and seamless experience that gave users what they needed and made it simple for administrative teams to manage content.

Adams County Covid-19 Resource and Recovery Website
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As web designers and developers, we are not on the front lines of this pandemic. We are not in the hospitals, not working twelve-hour grocery store shifts, and not providing direct care. But like with social distancing, we are doing all within our power to help our neighbors get through this together. We’re proud to have been granted the opportunity to help a local community.