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Software: Build or Buy?


Every business owner recognizes the need for efficient, cost-effective software solutions to help run the backend of their company. Benefits of finding a perfect fit include gaining total visibility, improved reporting and planning, increased efficiency, data security, improved workflows, standardized business processes, increased quality, and scalability.

The harder decision is determining whether to buy existing solutions or invest in custom software development. While off-the-shelf software is budget friendly, custom development often pays off in terms of flexibility and customization.

Buying Software

No matter why you’re researching software, there is likely an existing stock option that would do at least some of what you need. Oftentimes, there’s more than one option, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. In this case, buying what’s already out there might seem like a no brainer. It’s faster, requires less technical proficiency, and may be cheaper.

However, when you buy generic software, you must accept compromises. New programs don’t always work well with other software you may also need, which can require tedious manual workarounds to ensure compatibility. Additionally, because the software is designed to appeal to a mass market, the options won’t be tailored to your company’s needs. This means that your employees may need to alter their workflow to accommodate the new tool, which can reduce efficiency.

Overall, buying off-the-shelf software is best only if your needs are common and uncomplicated, or if you need the software up and running as quickly as possible and are not ready to invest in your company’s future.

Building Software

Commissioning custom software requires a hefty investment of both time and money, but the many benefits often make it worthwhile. When you choose to build software, you are able to customize every element to align with your existing tools, workflows, and strategies. You are building a fine-tuned business management system and you get all the functionality that you need and none that you don’t, making it seamless to integrate the new solution into your workflow. And because you develop a personal relationship with your programming team, your software can grow with your company as new needs arise.

Neon Rain’s Custom Software Development 

Custom software development promises a strong competitive edge over buying generic software, but only if it’s done well. At Neon Rain, we strive to find the most elegant, effective solution to every software problem, ensuring that your custom solution is exactly as you want it to be. Before you give in to the appeal of canned software, contact us to discuss how we can better meet your needs.

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