Why and When to Use a CDN

Nobody likes to waste time, so the convenience of saving time is incredibly valuable, especially when you’re trying to make a sale. For example, if you were looking to order a pizza from a chain like Dominos you would take the time required to pick it up into account when choosing your store location. The…

Going the Advanced Route: When to Dabble in Drupal

Regardless of the industry, a well-developed website is an integral component of a business. The website is an important marketing and sales tool because it represents the face of a business; potential customers often use a business’ website to ascertain its services and ability to fulfill their needs before they interact with the sales channel….

Custom Design vs. Off-the-shelf Template

A lot of websites these days are built using content management websites such as WordPress or Drupal. These websites save companies money because semi-technical personnel can upload content and manage some the most frequently modified areas of most websites. You can have a content management system and still utilize a template (pre-built layout) or a custom layout….

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization Tips & Tricks

When business owners discover their website is not generating the revenue they expected, many will think a new website design with increased visual appeal, easier navigation, and more consumer-friendly content will make the difference. While these types of website redesigns are critical to reducing friction points that can reduce website volume, they really don’t directly…

Meta Descriptions Can Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

Having a good website is one of the key ingredients necessary to the success of a business. In our increasingly technological society, your business website is the face of your company; it is the portal through which customers are able to access and hopefully purchase your products. A poorly designed website can detract customers from…

Leverage Google Search Console to Attract the Best Users

Many businesses’ marketing teams do not make the best use of Google Search Console. This hampers communication between marketing and development, and between front-line and management. Because the console is so rich in information, it provides a unique resource for any sized business. Overview of Google Search Console Google Search Console is a tool for…

How User Experience Affects Your Bottom Line

Businesses agree that digital marketing is a powerful way to convert prospective customers, and is crucial to keeping past customers interested in new product lines. A digital platform with the potential to influence online users towards a purchase decision requires a strategic plan that takes advantage of rapidly changing technologies and enhances the user experience….