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How to Build a Winning Contact Form

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Your website's design is impeccable, your content is targeted, and prospective customers are ready to take the next step. In many cases, the contact form is the last obstacle standing between you and a fresh conversion. This makes an effective contact form crucial: if it's overly complicated or seems like an afterthought, you may be losing out on potential sales. Here are just a few ways to make sure that doesn't happen.

4 Ways to Build a Winning Contact Form:

  1. Get to the point. Nobody wants to spend twenty minutes filling out a simple information request. While you shouldn't skimp on essential fields, take care that your form isn't overwhelming or overly-complicated. Get what you need to follow up and let them get on with their day.
  2. Make it easy. Just as important as brevity is ease of use. Guiding users towards the input you expect prevents frustration on both ends and facilitates future communication. Use prompts, sample answers, and proper data validation to make your form easy to understand.
  3. Give it some personality. Filling out a contact form is the modern equivalent of flagging down a salesperson to chat. Make sure that your phrasing and design reflect the same characteristics you'd express in a personal interaction.
  4. Optimize, optimize, optimize. More and more users are conducting research from their phones, and you don't want to lose someone's attention just because your contact form is hard to use on mobile. Your form should be just as responsive as the rest of your website design, and care should be taken that fields are sized and laid out appropriately for tiny screens.

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