by Ali Gangji

Denver Swift Heads Meetup - S.O.L.I.D. Architecture with Swift

Denver swift heads meetup

Our very own Ali Gangji gave a talk about using SOLID. architecture with Swift at the Denver Swift Heads Meetup. 

SOLID is an acronym referencing a few core principles to help developers build software that is robust, easy to understand, and easy to change. 

S - Single Responsibility Principle

O - Open/Closed Principle

L - Liskov Substitution Principle

I - Interface Segregation Principle

D - Dependency Inversion Principle

Here is a link to the SOLID architecture with Swift presentation and project example on github.

Top Web Development Company

In the Denver Business Journal's annual list of web developers, Neon Rain was once again ranked as one of Colorado's Top Web Development Firms. That's 9 years in a row...if you are counting. 

In the Denver Business Journal's annual list of web developers, Neon Rain was once again ranked as one of Colorado's Top Web Development Firms. That's 9 years in a row...if you are counting. 

Custom Icon Fonts as an Efficient Icon Solution

Image Files Inhibit Flexibility Down the Road

by Clint Macklin

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Mobile Site to a Responsive Site

Guiry's responsive website shown on mobile phone, desktop, tablet


If you were among the first to recognize the importance of mobile search for your business, your only option was getting a separate mobile site. Or if you were a late adopter, you might have looked at a separate mobile site as a cheap way to reach potential customers through mobile searches. But whatever reason you had for getting a separate mobile site, now’s the time to upgrade to a responsive website.

A Great Looking Site for Every User

by Ali Gangji

Web Cache: APC vs Memcached vs Varnish

chart, graph showing web caches

With increasing amounts of data and server-side processing, caching systems are as important as ever. There are so many varieties of these systems out there, it can be confusing if you don't understanding the different nuances. Worse yet, if you pick the wrong caching system for your needs or fail to optimize it correctly, the results could be disastrous.

There are two broad types of cache when it comes to web sites and web applications. Client side, and server side.

by Michael Booker

Is Google asking you to review and confirm the information in your Google Places account?

Google sent out an email to various businesses asking them to verify their Google Places for Business.  This is not a scam.  Check your email and your spam folders, Google is asking companies to re-verify their Google Places for Business listings.

Why is Google requiring businesses to re-verify their listings?

 They haven't fully said, the only communication at this point is:

by Arif Gangji

Denver SEO Seminar at SBDC

As a denver seo company, we know every small business should be easily found online but many small businesses have no clue where to start.  With the ever changing search engine landscape as well as the barrage of algorithm updates, it is hard for businesses to keep up.

This seo class will go over the basics of:

by Michael Booker

Google Announces "Hummingbird" Search Algorithm Change

At Google's 15th anniversary, yes if Google were a kid they would be hanging out at the mall, they announced a Search Algorithm update that went live a month ago. It's dubbed, "Hummingbird."

"Hummingbird" is built to process complex queries and better handle voice search.  This is a big update, bigger than Panda and Penguin.  This is an overhaul to how Google will process search queries.  Google wants to get away from keyword specific searches and wants to better "understand" what you mean.  

by Clint Macklin

Ranking Higher in Google Places - Summer 2013 Update

Google continually makes changes to it's search algorithm but they rarely touch their Maps and Places products.  So, what did they change and how does it affect you?  This update was a big one.  Your website and your visibility on maps is now undeniabely intertwined.

by Arif Gangji

7 Best Uses of HTML5 around the Web

HTML5 will likely be the future of online programming. But on the web, like at Muppet Labs, the future is being made today, and you can see awesome examples of the power of this new HTML protocol on dozens of websites. It’s hard to select the best, but here’re my votes for the most amazing examples out there.


After a transition that took place involving our firm, Neon Rain jumped in quickly to develop our website on short-notice and under a short time-frame. They were extremely flexible, accommodating, and patient with us as we worked toward finalizing the design, both before and after we launched the website. These guys are a pleasure to work with and are very knowledgeable about all facets of the work they perform. And we couldn’t be more pleased with the end-result.
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